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Redlark's Fic Archive

Current Projects
Deadliest FanFic Warrior: Discussion and Promo Thread
Genre: Discussion/Promo Thread
Rating: G, unless somebody writes something out "G."
Status: On-going.
Summary: This is a promotional thread to my fanfic series, "Deadliest FanFic Warrior." It's sole purpose is to create excitement and buzz for the actual series.
Personal Rating: 7/10 - This isn't a real story and shouldn't even be listed on my archive. BUT, it is a brilliant idea to create excitement for the real thing. Makes me feel like a publicity agent, or something. Tooting my own arrogant horn of imaginary power. It's also a great thread for readers and other other people on this site to submit fight ideas for the future.

Behind the Scenes: Deadliest FanFic Warrior
Genre: A group of One-Shots.
Rating: G.
Status: On-Going.
Summary: Essentially a group of One-Shots based off the actual series this is related to. It's got fictional interviews, debates, and whatever seems worthy to write on the fly.
Personal Rating: 8/10 - I think the entirety of these posts are just silly. But their fun.

Deadliest FanFic Warrior
Genre: Action, Fight Simulation.
Rating: PG, for fighting violence.
Status: Begins Christmas Eve, 2011.
Summary: First Episode, Mew vs. Superman. This is a "what if" fight scenario series with fictionalized fighters; anywhere from Video Games, Comics, TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Novels, Myths, Legends, whatever!! It's the best fights of the 21st century.
Personal Rating: 9/10 - This is a fun short read. Just a silly outlet for nerdom.


The Green Shadows, Part 1: Cesar
Genre: Action-Drama
Rating: PG, Thematic Intensity
Status: Work in Progress. A revision of the story, The Green Shadows, listed below.
Summary: After the death of his grandfather, Daniel chooses to run away from his life to become a trainer. But after a bad turn of events, who Daniel becomes and where is heart lies soon becomes a conflict in ideals.
Personal Rating: I currently have not rating for this little guy.

The Blogger: One-Shot Horror
Genre: Horror-Thriller
Rating: PG, Thematic Intensity
Status: Completed.
Summary: Inspired by the story, And as the Wind Blows: Epidemic in Hoenn; a lone park ranger at the Lilycove Safari Zone finds themself stranded in their cabin as the "storm of the century" keeps them at bay. The epidemic has reached critical level and new horrors now surround the ranger, the storm was only the beginning.
Personal Rating: 9/10 - A quick read, but great!.

And as the Wind Blows: Epidemic in Hoenn
Genre: Action/Horror-Thriller
Rating: PG-13, Overall Intensity
Status: Work in Progress.
Summary: We find Beth already graduated from the Pewter City Academy, landing herself an internship with Prof. Birch. But when Hoenn is confronted with a deadly virus; Dr. Juniper, Beth, and Prof. Birch must find a vaccine for the fast mutating deathspell. But before they realize it, hundreds fall sick, and what the virus turns into is something totally unexpected. Also starring: Ash, Misty, May, Brock, Pikachu, and Prof. Oak. And many other Cameos.
Personal Rating: 8.5/10 - I have very good vibes about this story. It's a keeper.

Pika Pika Picnic
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13, Crude Humor
Status: Completed.
Summary: Pikachu and friends go on a picnic near a dangerous cliff face full of jagged rocks. What happens next isn't his regular cup of Poketea.
Personal Rating: 9/10 - This is probably on of my better works, and most liked by my readers. It makes me laugh every time.

The Green Shadows
Genre: Adventure/Drama
Rating: PG-13, Drama and Action
Status: In the process of being rewritten.
Summary: After the death of his grandfather, Cesar is hounded by old depts that he can't pay. Running away from his life on the farm and the girl he loves; Cesar begins his life as the most dangerous rougue in Jhoto history.
Personal Rating: 7/10 - I personally like this fic, but I also think there are a few parts that go a little bit slow. I've gotten overall great review/comments from people, but due to it's heavy action/adventure, dark romance, and intense fight scenes, it's definately not a "quick" read that people can just glance over. It's good overall.

The Strange Case of Dr. Hewlett
Genre: Adventure/Sci-Fi
Rating: PG, Action
Status: Completed.
Summary: Following her bestfriend, Beth finds herself in the maniac lab of a Pokemon Scientist. What she finds there, she never thought could be done.
Personal Rating: 5/10 - The initial idea behind the story is great (if not a little cliche, ie. The Island of Dr. Moreau, By H.G. Wells). It seems to lose steam near the end. Compared to my other fics, I don't consider it as well-written. Overall, it has it's good moments though.

Stuff I Wrote for War's

War: Season 5

Rocket Revolution: Feel Good Inc., By Gorillaz
Genre: Song Fic
Rating: PG-13, for some laguage and content
Status: Finished
Summary: The week 2 assignment.
Personal Rating: 6/10 I dunno. I guess I like this one.


At the Movies w/Redlark
Genre: Review Corner
Rating: NR
Status: On-going
Summary: This is a movie review thread, mostly new stuff... maybe some old. We'll see where I go, I'm sort of going on the fly with this.
Personal Rating: You decide if my opinions are worth anything.

The Review Roundup w/Redlark
Genre: Review Corner
Rating: NR
Status: On-Hiatus... probably going to start anew, with a new reviewing system.
Summary: This is a Review Corner hosted by me. People ask for their stories to be reviewed, and I review them.
Personal Rating: You decide if my opinions are worth anything, they're usually not.

Bio:My real name is, Fred. That's all you need to know about my private life you stalker. On other forums, I've also been know as Ike. I tend to float on this forum time and again.

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