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Default DS Pikachu Demo - Screenshots/Video!

DS Pikachu Demo - Screenshots/Video!

At the E3 this year, the big news is the Nintendo DS. Many games and tech demos were for the DS were available at the E3, one of which is the Pikachu DS demo. It's not confirmed whether or not this will actually become a game (more about this later). The tech demos are just there to show off some of the capabilities of the DS handheld, they are not meant to be complete DS games like Metroid Prime: Hunters and Super Mario 64X4.

In the Pikachu DS tech demo, it's similar to the idea of Hey You! Pikachu game for N64, and Pokemon Channel for GameCube, in which you interact with Pikachu and do various activities.

Pokemon DS Game In the Near Future?
Pokemon is a huge money making title in Japan, the US, and all over the world. It's pretty much inevitable that at least one Pokemon game will be made for the DS. And already, we have hints that a Pokemon game is indeed in the works for the Nintendo DS. In a interview by IGN, with the director of the new Pokemon GBA games, Jurichi Masuda, and President of TPC (The Pokemon Company), Tsunekazu Ishihara, here's what was said about a possible Pokemon DS game:

IGN: Have you put any thoughts into ideas for Pokemon on the Nintendo DS system?
Tsunekazu Ishihara: Have you seen the demos? I can't tell you any details, but we are definitely working on several concepts for the system.

There you have it, "several concepts" too.

Tech Demo Video (Includes Pikachu DS)
Nintendo DS Video
Nintendo DS Games Video
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