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Default Interview With the Pokemon Creators!

Interview With the Pokemon Creators!

IGN held an interview with Jurichi Masuda (director of the new Pokemon GBA games) and Jurichi Masuda (President of The Pokemon Company, and producer of the Pokemon franchise).

Highlights from the Interview

-Pokemon For the DS-
IGN: Have you put any thoughts into ideas for Pokemon on the Nintendo DS system?
Tsunekazu Ishihara: Have you seen the demos? I can't tell you any details, but we are definitely working on several concepts for the system.

-Pokemon RPG for Console-
IGN: Why has there not been a true Pokemon RPG for the console?
Tsunekazu Ishihara: We have Pokemon Colosseum's RPG mode, correct? When we create Pokemon games, we try to make the best game for that particular console, and the Game Boy is best for taking the Pokemon with you and trading.
Jurichi Masuda : The game is really about the communication and trading and battling with friends.
Tsunekazu Ishihara: And now the user can use the wireless adapter, they don't have to do it face to face anymore. (laughs)

-Pokemon Online?-
IGN: With the wireless and Wi-Fi aspect of the Nintendo DS? Has there been any thought into creating a massively multiplayer online Pokemon game? Would you personally like to see this game go online?
Jurichi Masuda : (long pause) It's an interesting idea, but it has to be something that serves the goal, which is to get everyone together and interact. So if we can accomplish that with online, then we'd like to take that challenge.

-Next Pokemon RPG?-
IGN: What sort of gaming elements are you looking to pull off for the next Pokemon RPG?
Jurichi Masuda : (laughs) Something extraordinary.

-Difficulty of Creating New Pokemon-
IGN: How difficult is it to come up with new monsters now that there's so many of them?
Jurichi Masuda : It's true that it's a difficult process, but I'm sure that there are new Pokemon to create. (laughs)

-Pokemon's Future-
IGN: Where do you see the Pokemon franchise in five years?
Tsunekazu Ishihara: We want the Pokemon franchise to be the best, and in five years we want to keep making the best game we can.
Jurichi Masuda : I'd hope the communication between players will be even easier, and the audience of players taking advantage of it to be larger.

To view the entire interview, go here: E3 2004 - The Pokemon Creators Speak

*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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