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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

My team is in my sig, except right now I'm breeding a Smoochum that came from Jynx/Ditto. I'm undecided whether I want to evolve it into Jynx or not because I love Smoochum. But my teams really kicks butt ^_^ *group hug*

My team in Crystal at the moment are;

Croconaw (f) Lv. 23 --> Her name is NATAKU.
Crobat(m) Lv. 32
(finally evolved!! took forever now I have to train everyone else =/ so behind )
Scyther (f) Lv. 14
(just caught it during the Bug Contest, and I won! woo! but yea gonna train her too ;] )
Psyduck (m) Lv. 13
Sudowoodo (f) Lv. 21

Still waiting for Dratini which'll come later on. I don't think I'll want Swinub I dunno yet =/
Hopefully in my Gold Version I'll find Metal Coat before I start training my Scyther in Crystal. That way I'll get Scizor ^_^ so she can learn Metal Claw yay.
'cause they're all wrong

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