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Default Re: Music-- worse as it progresses?

Originally Posted by Lord Mullet
Rap isn't really meant to be music. Rappers aren't trying to sing, they're trying the rap equivalent of singing. Also, rap is not the same as hiphop. Rap is merely a type of hiphop, just as metal, glam and grunge are types of rock. Hiphop is sung, and has music.
Actually, hip-hop is the lifestyle, not an entirely different music style.

Same old, stale arguement. Everyone trashes rap for degenerating the music industry's quality, then goes and listens to Britney moan and writhe. Pop music is pop music, plain and simple; record execs are just catering to different needs to make money. There are a lot of rappers out there who ARE making a statement and ARE making a difference...but the one's who get noticed are in it for the money/fame. Pop rappers don't want to delve into deeper subjects either because they don't have the talent (sadly untrue for some promising stars who are squandering their literacy), or they just don't want to lose their pop appeal. The reason most commercial rap is crap these days? Because it sells. It's the same reason for Britney and Madonna and Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park and Nelly Furtado and about a billion other crap artists: they're selling their image, not necessarily their talent. Rappers just happen to cater to a black audience who has that lifestyle, supposed or not.

*prepares to recieve flames from LP defenders... *
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