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Kayden's Story Archive

Author Information

I love to write. I mostly concentrate in three genres: Dark Romance, Fantasy, and Science-Fiction. I do, however, sometimes stray into other territories of writing. I've been writing stories ever since I joined PE2K two years ago, so I suppose I can say I'm pretty experienced in the field.

What compels me to be a writer is mostly the pride I get when people give me positive comments. It seems to help me improve. You can never be too good of a writer, I suppose! ^_^

I have lately been working on Evolution, my first ever Second-Person POV fic, and from the comments I've gotten so far, I'm pretty content with myself right now. ^__^

My tips to any beggining author: Always have a thesarus handy. You can use it to come up with spicy words to juice up your setences! ^__^ Trust me on this, it will REALLY enrichen your writing, and will make it look much more professional. Just be sure to not be like me and overuse it! ^^;

Below is a list of my current and future stories and other works. I hope you enjoy and give me lots of great, long, detailed reviews! ^__^

~* Kayden

++ Current Fanfictional Works ++

The Tale of Twilight Flytre, Part I: Angelwhisper

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Non-Pokemon
Status: Currently Writing
The sky is full of mystery. Of fascination, of stories, of intrigue. The blue sanctuary where life both begins . . . and ends. Where the clouds of captivation swirl and roll by above with the screeching winds. The heavens are vast, unending in glory, with its divinity reaching far out into the realm of dreams. For my kind, however, we get to experience this wonderment firsthand. For we fly the skies continuously; we skim the very tops of storm clouds, bask in the warming light of the sun, and cower beneath the shadowy cream of the moon. We are the lost kindred, the ones imposed to exile in the beautiful heavens, never once descending to Earth. We are the angels, the Khishìda.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Draconic Galaxy
Rating: G.
Genre: Mystery Dungeon Team
A prophecy in the world of Gr'Yeash has foretold the Apocalypse - the Earth's demise. And now the time has come. Coincidently, a small band of dragon Pokemon must now deem itself as a rescue team as they travel throughout Gr'Yeash to round up all of the Pokemon to take them to a safe haven of starlight. But having to face impossible obstacles, greedy trainers, and rival teams, could this group of draconic misfits really deserve the title of heroes?

Rating: PG
Genre: Original Trainer
Status: Currently Writing
When a creature is slaughtered for a bloodthirsty need, the murderer must then pay the price of his very life to walk upon this Earth in another's shoes.

Nefarious Serendipity
Rating: PG
Genre: Fanatasy/Adventure
Status: Complete; still posting
A legendary war amongst the three elemental factions of water, fire, and lightning is blossoming into the mists of reality. For the opposition between the camarillas to conclude to an unbloodied cessation, a ice hero from an ancient prophecy must awaken from her eternal sleep in the shadows of the Heavens to end the treachery. Hell shall dance unrestrained atop the battlements, and the warrior’s fury shall be unparalleled. The battle between the triplet clans of Slynvixia is only just beginning . . .

Empire Book 1: Flametalon

Rating: PG
Genre: Fanatasy/Adventure
Status: Currently Writing
Enter Iceland's bleakest moors on one Charmander's quest to find out the truths about her destiny, ancestry, and powers on her journey to defeat the evil Milotic lord who reigns supreme over the land.

Rating: PG
Genre: Fantasy
Status: Currently Writing
Enter the lands of Gr'Yeath, an empire ruled soley by darkness and evil. A realm of bloodshed, pain, and the slighest aspiration of good, the prominices of this kingdom of suffering have long been the battlefield for the perpetual war of the forces of light and darkness to claim this land which is rightfully theirs. Now one Absol born into evil has discovered these powers of good, and feeds upon their Legends of noble deeds to mend the broken; her spirit nourished by friendship. The day is nearing when this Absol must choose either to follow her evil destiny - become a Warrior of Darkness - or to defy it. It will be a day of blood, terror, and murder . . .

++ Future Fanfictional Works ++

OPERATION: Stormbreak
Genre: Science-Fiction
Drawing closer and closer is the end of the world. Global warming, pollution, and rips in the Ozone Layer, very much due to our own greedy ambitions, is causing a major disturbance in the Earth's weather patterns. Be there, and experince the rising storm as it breaks out, and the races of humankind and Pokemon are demolished from the face of the planet...

yeah yeah yeah

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