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Default Re: Search for the Soul Edge

Hey Kenny, mind if I will join your RPG and help you with it if you would want? Danie left it to me after all! Well here's my sighn up form:

Name: Rikimaru
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Weapon: Izayoi
Allies: Taki, Mitsurugi, Yoshimitsu, Xenchua
Enemies: Voldo, Cervantes
Background: Leader of the Azuma ninja and loyal servant of Lord Gohda. Also had defeated an evil Lord Mei-Oh and evil sorcerer Tenri
Description of physical attributes:

Here's some idea:

I hope those are not too big

Other: Was brought up by Azuma Shiunsi along with Ayame and Tatsumaru. Tatsumaru latter lost his memory and turned against Azuma and killed his Sensei. Rikimaru recieved a scar from Tatsumaru when tried to avange his Sensei, latter Tatsumaru commited suicide after battle with Ayame. Few years latter, Rikimaru defeated Lord Mei-oh and was traped in alternate dimention for three years. After his return, he neutrolized tread from Tenri by defeatin him as well. Now he sets up on a jorney to find the lost swords of Azuma (Fugaku and Muramasa) and some other swords too (Shishito, the evil sword of Mei-Oh and Kusanagi-No-Tsurugi a.k.a. "The Grass Cuter"). Along his adventures he befriended a female ninja named Taki who helped him get rid of some evil ninja clan and now he's moving on towards his search for legendary weapons.

Here are some of Rikimaru's swords;#1 Izayoi (Izayoi, the sacred sword of Azuma ninja) and #2Muramasa (Magical sword with the power to banish the undead):

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