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Default -- Orange League Rules --

Rules for each Orange Island Gym:

Mikan- 3 vs. 3 match (Only water type Pokémon, must have 3 water type Pokémon to participate.)

Mikan tests the opponent on how well they can battle equally matched Pokémon what more suitable for Island Type Match then water vs. water.

Trovita- 3 vs. 3 match (Gym Leader has a Pokémon of each type lined up already)

Trovita tests the opponent on how well they can battle Pokémon that have a type advantage, giving the Leader choice of one Pokémon each type in the known Pokémon system.

Naval- 3 vs. 3 match. (Must have 6 Pokémon to participate in the gym. 3 out of those 6 Pokémon are randomly picked and told to the opponent. Then the Gym Leader gets 4 random out of the 6 Pokémon he owns secretly. This is Stadium rules.)

Naval tests the on how well he can control and use each Pokémon, even not knowing which of his/her Pokémon that will be used in the match.

Kumquat – 6 vs. 6 (1 of each type of 6 picked types, no doubling.)

Kumquat tests the opponent on how well they can outcome in 6 versus 6 Pokémon each, seeing what they all know, as well as seeing if they can combine all their strategies and knowledge to survive this match.