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Default Re: Updated Release Date Pokemon for FireRed/LeafGreen!

Originally Posted by PokemonElite2000
Updated Release Date Pokemon for FireRed/LeafGreen!

The official release date was set for September 2004, now we have a more exact official date coming from official sources, which is September 9th, 2004.

Fire Red/Leaf Green or FireRed/LeafGreen?
An interesting twist with this new official announcement is due to how they worded the two games: "Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen" compared to "Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green". As you can see, the difference is a space between the two words. In the past, just a month ago, the game has been announced at with the space between the two words (Nintendo Announces Innovative Updates for 2004). But now, the new announcements from and have no space between them. A very small difference, but be prepared for this slight change if the official sources continue to refer to them this way and that it comes out to be this way (several possibilities, might be an error or it could possibly change back to the way they referred to it in the past).

For more information and screenshots of Fire Red/Leaf Green, go here: Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green

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*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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