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Default Pokemon TCG U.S. National Championship!

Pokemon TCG U.S. National Championship!

The Pokemon TCG U.S. National Championship will be held at Origins Game Fair Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio on June 26th (Saturday, beginning at 9:00 AM).

Entry is $13, however, you need to pay admission to the Origins Game Fair (rated can be found here: Origins 2004 Rates ).

Each 1st place place finisher from the three age groups will receive trophy and 72 booster packs from Pokemon-e TCG series. More importantly, the prize package include an invite to the Pokemon TCG World Championships that will be held in August 2004, with paid air transportation and hotel stay of 4 days and 3 nights (if winner lives within 200 miles of Orlando, Florida, ground transportation will be provided instead, but hotel stay will still be available). This invite is also given to the 2nd-4th finishers, however, only the 1st and 2nd place finishers will get the "Travel Award," that pays for the air transportation and hotel accommodations.

For complete information about the U.S. National Championship, go here: U.S. National Championship

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