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Default Re: Pokemon Board Tutorial

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah I was about to discuss battles. When you're right next to an opponent you may attack them. Some attacks like Surf are wide range. Surf is able to 3 rows in front of you and the three places in front of you. so a nine total in all. I will use Shadow Ball that can hit any panel in front of you. Let's say I was in front of Squirtle. Now Shadow Ball has a level 7 accuracy. I roll a 10-sided dice and 7 or less is a hit. I get 2. Shadow Ball deals 15 damage. So Squirtle loses 15 HP.

Now would be a good time to make the stats layout. Green=good and red=bad and yellow=Neutral.

[Sprite] name
HP ???/???

HP 100/100
Mons:Sableye HP 50/50

HP 35/50

There you have it......AUGH!!! I've been hit. Sadly, Sableye can't block because Tackle goes right through.


Gary, come help me out.

Now would be as good a time as any to explain how to work together. Roll the die in no order at all. Oak rolls a 4. Gary rolls 6. Gary moves 6spaces and Oak moves 4.You can land on the same square and team up for double HP. The square with people teamed are yellow. Gary, have you noticed how when I hit Squirtle they all faded away? My hologram system is on. I think if we do a team attack we can fade away the hologram. On three, One....two...three. Let's see Tackle and Shadow Ball. I got 5 for Shadow Ball and Gary got 3 for Tackle. So that is 3 out of 8 All the mons have faded, mission accomplished. Now the gate has opened. Let's see, now for the challenge. Challenges are basically mini-games to earn prizes. Two people are sent to the challenge. There are some challenges involving rollong the dice and racing to the finish. Others are battles. Let me explain trainer battles. Trainer battles are just like in the games. Instead of rolling dice yuo attack with your attack and roll for accuracy. Then you attack, your teamates can get right next to the opposing trainer and join the battle. Here is the battle stat. All enemy trainers have three mons. The only exception is The BoardMaster.

[Sprite(S)] [Enemy sprite]
Hp ???/???, etc. HP ???/???
Mon ?????, etc. Mon ?????, ??????, ??????

This ends our tutorial.
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