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Default Pokemon Board Tutorial

I can't beleive him. He shrunk me down into this board game. It isn't even that detailed. You are our only hope. Follow my instructions and beat The Boardmaster. Please don't make posts til I finish. The board is kind of big and will take several posts.

This is the basic map. There are some features that aren't on this. A yellow space is a starting spot and Light Blue are Checkpoints to heal you. As you can see, I am to the far left of the board. Now to the right there are 9 mons. They are evil and must be defeated. I will have to beat them with my Sableye. Now I bet you can see the Bluish-gar dark line. That line is a ledge of bookshelves trying to block me off. The red line is a restricted area that only opens after I complete a certain requirement. I have to make it to the Pokeballs on my desk. The red spots are the balls. Now when you start you roll a 6-sided Dice. You can either do an AIM chatroom or go to a link I will add later. For example, let's say 3 turns passed. I rolled 6 each time. That would be a perfect roll of all good thing. I would be out for being accused of cheating. But, this is a tutorial for examples so here I go.

Now I made it to the bookshelf. I have to roll a die to try ad climb over it. I roll a 10-sided die I have to roll 7 or less. I roll 3 so I can climb over it. That is the end of part one of my tutorial.

Kasier[Rioru] finished at 6254
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