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Default -- Records and Awards --

Want to see the best of the best? Or maybe the worst of the worst? Here is where all the records go and people to be glorified. I’ll try to find the actual record numbers for some of these in question.

Most battles with a single Pokémon- Phoenix (Charizard: 103+)
Longest Story: Jag
Longest On-going storyline: DireWolfPrimary
Most Pokémon caught in a single story: Moony & Figgy (6)
Most battles: Dapkmnguy (500+)
Best Winning Streak: Figgy (81)
Highest amount of cash at one time: Nintendofreak000 (over 2 mil)
Story Writing Competition Winners: Jag, Dux, Shroomish, Jack, Fair, Neo Pikachu
Banner Contest Winners: PE2K, Matthew, Neo Pikachu, Nefarious
Elite Winner: Figgy
Oldest Active Member: NintendoFreak
Most Battles reffed: NintendoFreak
Most Evolutions in a Battle by 1 Trainer: Matt (7 Pokémon)
Most Expensive Auction Bid: RPGboss (Feebas) and Vellyvell (Aerodactyl) [$20,000 each]
Most Badges Earned in 1 Day: QuietJoe and JT (4 badges)
Highest Pokédex- Matt (79)

URPG 2004 Awards

Favorite Author:


Favorite Moderator:
Jack {2nd year}

Favorite Ref:

Best WAR participant:

Best Battler:
Curtis {2nd year}

Best Gym Leader:
Dux (Saffron) {2nd year}
Curtis (Petalburg)
Allie (Mossdeep)

Greatest in ~Lookie~:
Fair {2nd year}

Coolest member:

Funniest member:
Fair {2nd year}

Most dedicated:
Jack {2nd year}

Most helpful member:
Jack {2nd year}

Most intelligent:

Nicest member:
Dap {2nd year}

Fastest Growing Member:

Favorite Pokemon:
Charizard {2nd year}

If you think you have a record, or an idea for a good record, please contact any Moderator.

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