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Orange Flaaffy's Story Archive

Evolution of Fable
Basic Genre: Sci-Fi/Supernatural/Romance
Pokémon Genre: OT
Rating: PG-13
As of now: In-Complete (Very much alive)
Hosted: At FF.Net, Coming soon to Pokemon Tower. and already here at PE2K:)!
Every world has its stories, its forgotten people working droning jobs with little consideration or hope toward the future. The Pokémon world is no different. One such girl is about to become part of something more ancient than she could ever imagine. For a fable never truly fades with time, it simply evolves.

The Water’s Reflection
Basic Genre: Sci-Fi\Fantasy
Pokémon Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: PG
As of now: In-Complete (Dead for 2 years)
Hosted: At the Pokemon Tower and FF.Net
If requested I could put it back here.
Humans no longer the masters?
A young female doctor not of the lowly human race gets her world turned upside down by a rare discovery.

Basic Genre: Lyrics
Pokémon Genre: Rocketshippy
Rating: G
As of now: Complete
Hosted: At the Pokemon Tower and FF.Net
If requested I could put it back here.
A Rocketshippy remix of a classic song with the same name as the firey redheaded Rocket Gang member.

About the Author:
I have been writing fanfic for some nine years now, but few of them are pokemon. This is becuase I like to put a lot of thought behind my work in this fandom sometimes thinking about an idea for years before writing it. I also have been known to start up fics that have been dead for years without warning. However this is not something the forums format handles well, as just as I get a new idea, 99% of the time my story has been bumped off into the older topic twilight zone...
On all fanfic sites I go by the pen name of Alicorn
*Is 28 now*

My *Fanfics*Blog* Art

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