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Default Re: Story Archive

Deathspector's Story Archive

Don't Cry, Misty
Rating: G
Genre: Emmotional
Summary: Misty waterflower has just committed a crime, and fears punishment. She needs the comfot of a frend to help her as she copes with this difficult perioid.
Personal Experiences: I wrote this just for time-pass while I was listening to Linkin Park. t's easy to see the resemblance between the music and the way I've written the story. Possibly one of my favourite One-shots to date.

Revenge of Desceptor
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Summary: A young teenager finds the love of his life kidnapped. What hurts him even more is that she's kidnapped by the same peple that killed his parents. Can he cope with the difficulties of life, as well as get his love back?
Personal Experiences: I wrote this when I went out with a girl for the first time, and that's theonly reason why the written part shows a lot of affection towards the girl. My only non-Pokèmon fanfiction that I've ever submitted here.

Worst Nightmare
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action
Summary: An angry Arcanine is not someone you would mess with regularly. But one human finds himself trapped in a room by this Arcanine. Can he get out, or will he suffer the saddest fate?
Personal Experiences: This was written for the Winter fanfiction contest held by Dr. Skottie. Even so, I still find it one of my best action pieces so far, as it contains a lot of gore, and I'm very proud of how I wrote it.

One Destiny
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: Ash Ketchum has joined forces with an enemy organization, intent on causing havoc. Can one young teenager be enough to thawrt the plans of the Shadow League?
Personal Experiences: Probably the story that I've put most effort into. I plan on re-writting it sometime. This was actually written as an idea for a friend of mine, and she loved it, so i decided to post it here. Unfortunately, it died...

Destiny Trilogy

Rating: G
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: The two Twins are preparing for battle one more time, and this time, the world has lost a hero. Can a new person rise up, and confront both an evil organization, and the raw force of the Twins, as well as deal with his own problems?
Personal Experiences: Yay! I finally got around to rewritting Destinies Entangled, nd I have had a lot of fun writting the chapters so far. Let us hope that Betrayal doesn't die, like the pervious one.

Additional Information About Myself: I have written many poems that have been published in books, along with other children's work. My English Teacher thinksthat I will become another child prodigy like Chistopher Paolini, and write a novel soon. I don't know whether this is relevant, but my aunt is Jaishree Misra, who has written three books (Ancient Promises; Accidents like Love and Marriage; Afterwards).

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