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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

I exploited the 'M' glitch and got some serious rare candies and decided to use them to level up some pokemon and get them to evolve.

Charizard: Lvl 89 (My starter pokemon. Hard at the start, but in the end we kicked ass )

Mewtwo: Lvl 100 (Caught him using that Missingo glitch off the side of Cinnabar Island. He was originally at Lvl 155 )

Dragonite: Lvl 95 (This is my one true love. Once I got this baby, I trained her hard)

Exeggutor: Lvl 79 (Yeah, not as high as the rest, but still pretty cool)

I have a Lvl 50 Mew I keep in my box on the PC, but apart from that, that's it. With these guys, I conquer everyone. Or more importantly, with my Mewtwo I conquer everyone
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