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Angry IV Help

My thread was deleted the last time and I was really mad about it.

It was a thread about Fast egg hatching. I just discovered faster ways to hatch the egg.

How do you make it so that you can get Pokemon with better IVs? I tried making sure I've been calculating correctly. Maybe Helioptile didn't finish his Speed EV training. I've been using the Super Training on the menu like everyone else, but some Pokemon don't want to do it.

I remember one time on Pokemon XD that I used an Ursaring and an Ampharos. It'd benefit me more if those two had minus Speed natures but powered up their good sides like Attack and Special Attack. Today, I caught a Mareep with a Lax nature. That's not nearly as good as that, but it was the only female in Y.

Did anyone think that Fast Egg hatching was cheating? I want to be able to tell how the stats are while I'm still waiting for an IV calculator on my ipod regardless if I was banned or not at my school from using psypokes, the entire site has the IP banned from it which means I won't be able to use it from there.

I also heard Action Replay can help you get the stats you want, which is what I'm after as well.