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Default Re: Hey let's chat together here slowchat version 1.0

Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
And it looks like...

PE2K is officially a zombie.

Spambot infection, rising up from the dead, vacant in terms of thoughts and life, devouring brains... totally like a zombie.

I totally regret missing a lunar eclipse last night. I was so busy trying to prove that the square roots of perfect squares are irrational and while I was doing that, I had to make my own food for dinner besides peanut butter and remember to take the trash out and put it on the street last night, that I just didn't go out at all to see the lunar eclipse.

I had to turn my TV to Cartoon Network West channel to catch Clarence because I didn't catch it at the earliest time which was 4 PM. I caught it at 7 and 7:30 before changing it again. It's a new show that just came out yesterday.
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