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Default Re: The Music Scene

Originally Posted by Seven
*mumbles something about ugly long haired men*

Ooh, that sucks Cat o_O;.

Evanescence is still listened by me occasionally, but lately I've been really into popsongs. Oh wait... I have always been into popsongs XD.
Meh, Beyonce & Christina Millian/Aguilera & Britney are cool XP.

:O! You know Eamon right? Did you see the video his ex-girlfriend made (the one his song is about) called "**** u right back"?
It's really funny ^^;.
Rather an ugly long-haired man than an ugly skinhead.

I'm not into pop at all, personally. Britney's "Toxic" is constantly playing on the radio, and that's enough in itself to put me off. I'll stick with rock.

I've not seen the video, but I've heard the song. Good for her. >=d Bleh, it's pretty funny...
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