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Default -- Battles --

Probably the most important but complicated section of the URPG are the battles which are the heart to keeping this place active.
Battles will take place in YIM and AOL and the Forum Battle Board. It is HIGHLY recommended to download both Yahoo! Instant Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger as those are the two main sources of battle.
The third way to battle is through the Forum. Go to the Forum Battle Board and read a detailed list of the rules there.
To start a battle on messenger, simply find another member that wants to battle: IM the person personally. Do not be shy to ask people to battle; most likely, they are shy to ask for a battle also. When a battle wants to start, an official Referee must be present. So three people need to be present in the same conference at the same time: the two battlers and the official Ref.

There are many different styles of battles, each following a different set of rules.
Steel and Dark Pokemon can't be used for these rules because the games didn't have them. It's the classic Pokemon style. No one uses it anymore.
This is the most common battle style used in the URPG.
The newest version, slowly being used by battlers. Click here for detailed rules how it works.
Basically the same as G/S style, the difference is all Pokemon and attacks are directly sent to the Ref rather than posted in the chat.
Basically the same as R/S style, the difference is all Pokemon and attacks are directly sent to the Ref rather than posted in the chat.
This uses the television for battling. Call attacks any turn, dodge attacks, counter attacks with attacks. The Ref must have a good imagination to ref these battles, which is why they are rarely (if any) done.

The way the battles work are based off the Gameboy games brought to Internet form. So the same attacks do the same thing here (with one or two exceptions).

Before the battle actually starts, rules must be stated so the Ref knows what to do. Choose one of the battle styles above, choose ?VS ? Pokémon, choose whether items are to be used or not. There is no limit to the number of Pokemon you can use, but try to not go overboard. If it is a different battle other than normal (like Gym) please state before the battle. During the battle, whoever challenged the other generally sends out a Pokémon first.
Then you each call and attack, doesn’t matter who calls first or second. The Ref calculates the moves and posts the stats of the outcome that turn. Continue in this same pattern, using strategies and bold moves to win. Once a battle is over, the winner and the loser get money. (*See wages later on*)

There are items for sale for use during a battle but many members don't like to use items. However, you never know when a Gym leader may allow items. Elite battles are optional for items

-Gyms and Tournament battles will have the option to be Stadium/Colosseum Rules.
-Gym battles will not be 1v1 as in the Gameboy games, there are no Gym’s with one Pokémon. The Gym Leader will create the rules and the Challenger will send a Pokémon out first.
-To battle the Elites, you must have all badges from one league or another (Johto, Kanto, or Hoenn). Elite battles will be 6v6. Stadium/Colosseum rules only. 2 items used (optional).
-Battles will be posted in the URPG Battle Board by the ref of the match. If the ref cannot post it, he/she will tell one of the Trainers to post it for him/her.

Occasionally there will be tournaments held in which prizes and money are to be won. Large scale tournaments will have the option for Legendaries to be the grand prize.
Tournaments happen whenever one is needed. In major tournaments, the winner gets a Legendary. When the next major tournament comes around, the next winner gets a Legendary, taking the previous winners Legendary (unless it’s the same winner). More details of the tournments will come out when they happen.
Also be on the look out for Special Battles where the rules can be anything the ref can think of. *See Positions later*

Want to be a Gym leader? When selecting an open Gym, choose fully evolved Pokémon based on the Gym type (Raichu for Vermillion City, etc.) Some Pokémon, like Dragonite, can be used for Cerulean City because it lives in water. Gym Pokémon don’t necessarily have to be all the one type, but a majority of the 6 must be and the must be related somehow. Legendary Pokémon CANNOT be Gym Pokémon. You will have to buy TM/HM’s from the Pokémart and teach them to your borrowed Gym Pokémon. You do not buy Gym Pokémon, they come from the Gym on loan.
Say you've been a Gym Leader for a while. You just caught Tauros and you want to use it for your Normal Gym. You replace the borrowed Gym Tauros and any TM's that were taught to it, they do not transfer to your new Tauros.
Please check the Gym Leaders thread to see what is available.

One Ref must be present at the battle to make it official. To become a referee, simply contact a Ref Tester and one of them will give you the Ref test. You should have experience in battling before becoming a Ref, so you must have around 20 battles before being considered being tested so you understand how battles here work. The Ref test consists of you reffing a fake 3v3 battle or however long the Tester feels the battle should go. If you pass, prepare to be called on for you new job. If you fail, work on what went wrong and/or battle more to understand better.

For the Refs… you should be fast, accurate, have all the information, ready to answer any question and most importantly, respectful of the battle. There is no favoring one Trainer over the other- that is cheating. If that is suspected by anyone, the issue will be looked at by a moderator/co-official. Lastly, ask after the battler if any Pokemon evolves to the next stage.

When posting a battle, state in this order…
-the rules
-who used what Pokémon
-short description of what happened
-who won/lost and their winnings
-any evolving Pokémon

*NOTE*- all Refs must use Max Stats, NOT Base Stats when calculating damage.
For information on becoming a Ref, please check the Perfect Reffing Method thread.

It's time to power up your team. There is no level gaining in this RPG; all Pokémon are Level 100. To evolve, you must battle. Each battle a Pokémon is used gains 1 battle experience no matter how many Pokemon it defeats.
**A two stage evolution (ex. Ekans => Arbok) needs 7 battles to evolve to the next stage.
**A three stage evolution (ex. Charmander => Charmeleon => Charizard) needs 5 battles to evolve to the second stage and 5 more battles to evolve to the third stage.
**For Pokémon evolving by an evolutionary stone or by trade, it needs at least 5 or 7 battles depending on the stage of evolution (*see above examples*).
**For happiness evolving Pokémon (ex. Cleffa), they evolve with the Spirit Stone since happiness is too difficult to determine.
**If a Pokémon has the chance to evolve into different Pokémon (ex. Tyrogue => Hitmontop/Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan) you have the choice to pick whichever one you want.

-Multi Battling-
You MAY NOT have one battle and count it as five. The Ref must physically ref each battle, otherwise it never happened and a Mod can cancel the battles and you will be warned.
No two opponents are to battle each other more than 5 times in a row under the same conditions/rules. Try to spread around the battles evenly to other members for variety.

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