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Default Re: Freedom Tower

Originally Posted by KCash
Well your right on that, I worded that all wrong. They do say, and this is the right words, that the government doesnt try hard enough to prevent these attacks "...and here are some facts about that.." (which gets old after awhile) or that keeping 135,000 troops over there and people say that shouldnt be done. Then again they are saying that more needs to be done to pervent terrorists from invading our homes. I'm personally not worried about terrorists attacks. I think we are all doing a good job on terrorists right now and trying to keep this country safe. Sorry, guess I did word that wrong though.

LOL, yeah, the Jetsons, I love that show...

I wonder if by 2009 or whenever it will be done, if the buildings will all begin like that. At least they didn't go to far and put flying cars in the model...
Yea, I had a feeling you got that a bit wrong, I knew where you were heading though.

I wouldn't mind if new buildings get the updated futuristic look, instead of the usual generic look. We have the technology and the means to do it, so we should. Why be boring when things can be creative . The first time I saw it, I was surprised by the design, I was expecting just a tower and some other buildings, and my hope was at least add something creative to spice it up... got more than I bargained for, heh. The memorials will be just as amazing, there were many designs for the memorial, and all the finalists designs were very creative: (The Reflecting Absence one won)
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