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Default Re: Freedom Tower

Originally Posted by Dark Luddico
So, would you risk thousands of innoccent lives for american pride? Just a question...
Pride or no pride, there's always been a risk to the American people. Showing pride and courage in the face of our enemy doesn't necessarily bring up the risk, the risk has always been there, 2000 feet building or no 2000 feet buildings, the risk is there.

You forget that the millions, if not billions of dollars, have been spent on protecting this country from future terrorists attacks. You're assuming that the Freedom Tower will be attacked for sure. Sure, it's definitely a possibility, but they won't just breeze by this time around, that's for sure.

You are in a "risk" whether the building you're in is 2000 feet or 500 feet (the Pentagon is no tall building). What we should be worrying about is how to prevent them from attacking us in the first place, not making buildings and think "well, they're going to bring it down anyways, might as well make it a small one." Wouldn't it better to say "let's see what we can to stop these terrorists, and at the same time, not having to downsize our buildings because of the terrorists."

There's many ways to look at this, look at it this way, say we built smaller buildings to "fit the needs of the terrorists," then the terrorists will think "it's working! Let's do even more harm since it's working so well." But what if we built back the same buildings or larger buildings, the terrorists might think "This isn't working, they're just building it back."

So to answer your question, showing weakness might put the country in more risk. To me, that's risking a lot. Showing strength is combating the terrorists. We weren't prepared in defending our buildings against hijacked airplanes, but we are now.

So let me ask you this, would you feel more safe if you were in the Twin Towers back then when we had no protection and no idea they can carry a plan out like that, or in the new Freedom Tower with when we're prepared and know what our enemy is capable of? You're probably in less risk in the Freedom Tower than in the Twin Towers.

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