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Default -- Stories --

Most new members begin here by obtaining new Pokémon. The best way to do that is through a story. Yes, there is a Pokémart to buy Pokémon but the starting money isn’t enough for anything there. Read the How to Write Stories thread in the Pokémon Story Board for a good detailed explanation by former Head Grader Jag and current Head Grader Jack.
On writing stories…
- Keep the stories clean. We want to keep this forum looking nice!
- Beginner stories are generally graded easier so be sure to try harder on all the others.
- Make the capture attempt interesting and fun and heavily detailed.
- There is no purchasing of Pokéballs to catch Pokémon in the story.
- NEVER say that you caught a Pokémon; that is up to the grader.
- See the How to Write Stories thread for further key hints on writing the best story (explained best by Jack).

-Story Contests-
Who can write the best story and possibly win a legendary? Story contests will happen every July and January and the contest itself will last that whole month. You can write as many stories as you want but only one story can be submitted for the contest per person. The story must capture at least 1 Pokémon to qualify as an entry. This is not a popularity contest; it’s about who can write the best over-all story; length has not a lot to do with it but it can help. Do not ask others to vote for your story; it’s not polite.

How the winner is determined- everyone will look at the submissions and vote for which top 5 they like the best (can’t vote for their own). Votes will be sent to the person running the contest, not posted on the forum. Points are tallied up and the person with the most will win a Legendary not already taken (*See -Legendaries- later on*).
~Note: Anyone can vote, even if you're not a Grader.

A story must be graded by an official Grader; there is no exception to that. The Grader says whether you catch or fail to catch the Pokémon in your story. To become an official Grader, contact a Grader Tester and he/she will give you the test. The Grader Tester will reserve you a story to grade and test you on how well it's graded. Detail your grading deeply. The tester will respond saying if your outcome (catch or no catch) was right and if your grading was good enough. To become a Grader, you should have experience with writing stories here first before trying to submit to the job.

Once a Grader, you should look for the following areas to grade upon: Story/Plot; Grammar/Spelling; Detail; Pokémon Battle; Overall. Give the writer a tough grade with helpful information. Point out the things you like/dislike. Grader % VS capture/no capture should be around 70-80% which is average.

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