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Talking Re: Website/Forum Advertising

I will be creating another RPG site, the kind I advertise in my sig, which will be based on PE2K's Ultra RPG. URPGers can sign up, and use their current URPG pokemon and items there. Pokemon caught here are not put into the real PE2K's URPG, instead recorded on the site. This site will not affect the reall Ultra RPG. If a Mod would like, they may set up events here that can affect the real thing. ONLY PE2K MODS AND PE2K ADMIN can do so.

The site will include the URPG's features, but only for the new site, unless changed by a PE2K mod or admin.

EDIT: Yeah! It's started! I'm not completely done, but it's okay!

BEGINNER'S TRINITY (coming not so soon to a fanfic section near you)



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