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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Whoever is hunting our family better be prepared for one hell of a fight.”

Kiseki glanced at Caroline as she finally broke the heavy silence that had fallen over the group, her gaze turned toward the window. Because of this, Kiseki didn’t notice the change in her eyes, but he could still see the darkness in her aura. He gave the blonde’s hand another squeeze, this one for reassurance.

“It will be okay.” His natural optimism returned, expression softening into a smile as he spoke. “We’re all stronger than we were all those years ago. No matter how grim things get, we’ll be able to overcome it.”

Kiseki’s words seemed to ease the tension in Ichiru and even Aiden, the former smiling in response to his brother.

“He’s right. There hasn’t been anything we haven’t managed to defeat yet. As long as we stay together and prioritize the safety of the children, everything should be fine.”

“If they want to fight, let them come. We’ll just have to kick their asses and teach them a thing or two.” Aiden finally spoke up with his usual vigor, a confident grin on his face. Ichiru and Kiseki chuckled in response to him, although the smile faded from Ichiru’s face shortly after.

He turned his attention away from the others so that hopefully it wouldn’t be seen, but even despite his words and the words of his friends, he couldn’t help worrying. It was probably safe to assume that no one could. Abigail and Scarlet could at least fend for themselves now, but they were still mortal. Despite the way it may seem at times due to their abilities, it was still all too easy for a Supernatural creature to destroy them. There was also the matter of the unborn child, the biggest concern. Ashley could defend herself, but just one severe injury and she would lose the baby. There was no way Ichiru was going to let that happen. Not on his life.

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