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Default Whats Shaking?

Hey my name is Kumo! Nice and short for ya. I found this website a while ago and I never signed up, guess I felt like doing it( maybe it was the coffee). So let me tell yo guys about my self.

I love to draw and sprite
Ill be opening a sprite shop and maybe a split drawing shop once my tablet comes in. If been drawing since 4 but Ive been lacking lately.

I love anime and Manga

I love anime and manga, I watch alot of different anime and read manga too ( haven't read the big three though). I recently finished Attack on Titan and are watching Beyond the Boundary, Log Horizon, Kill la kill, Kuretos Basketball, and Blood Lad.

I make Poems

I make poems....

Thats all I have to say If You Read thank You

What makes your Glass complete?

The passing leaves
The forgotten memories and the ones u held dear are coming to a door
The door of Death

At the door lyes glass, the glass holds a message
"What will I be filled with?"
The the glass be filled with hatred and lies?
Little acts of kindness?
Forgiveness from sins of others?
The happiness you hold dear?

What Ill be filling the glass with at the moment is
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