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Default Re: where do u get a leafstone on emerald

Originally Posted by i_love_may View Post
the real derctions to get the leaf stone

get the green shard on route 124 find a diving spot shaped like a cross and dive then once your your under go to your left then there will be a square out line dive up then go down keep swiming to your left intill you see a diving spot that shaped like a square just like when your in the sea floor dive
under then keep going till you see another diving spot dive up then a pokeball on land is sitting there get it head tord mosedeep city go to the hunter's house it is located on your pokenav he will trade you for a leaf stone then there you got your leaf stone!
I tried using your directions and I found a blue shard, then trying again I instead found a red shard... I guess I'm not very good at following directions...
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