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Tommy's voice came over the communicator saying, "Guys! Look!"

Everyone looked out of the cockpit and as the smoke cleared, they were able to see the mirror Dragonzord in Battle Mode. The Zord was down on one knee, holding its left arm. It slowly stood up as Billy could see that the left shoulder had a long crack that went towards the center of the robot in the armor. The sword slash had taken a small chunk out of the left shoulder. The zord was still intact as the sword slash had only a small effect on the Dragonzord. The Knight was heard laughing as he shouted, "Was that the best shot you had?"

The rangers hurried back to the positions as Billy got the Megazord on its feet slowly as the Dragonzord came charging forward. The Megazord now had no chance. All of its energy had been put into the sword slash. The Dragonzord began to pummel the Megazord with its staff. Blow after blow, the Megazord could do nothing to save itself. Billy watched as the Dragonzord held the drill end and thrusted it at the Megazord. Billy shouted, "Mastodon Shield!"

In the left hand, the Mastodon Shield appeared. The tail of the Dragonzord, pierced through the shield, damaging the shield beyond recognition. The Dragonzord pulled the shield away from the Megazord and pulled off the destroyed Mastodon head and tossed it aside. Billy said, "I don't know what else to do!"

The Dragonzord stood there as the Knight laughed and laughed. "Victory is at hand!"

The Dragonzord's drill end of the staff began to spin. All five rangers shifted in their chairs as they knew what was coming. Lightning struck the drill as it spun faster and faster. The sound was that of a low pitched dentist drill as Dragonzord moved forward. Jason shouted, "Send all of the power left to the shields!"

Zack pushed a button that happened to be near his control panel and the statistics of the Zord showed all of the power at the shields. The Dragonzord lunged forward, thrusting the drill at the Megazord. Billy grabbed the staff just behind the drill and tried to push it back but it was no use. The Dragonzord's strength was far too great.

The drill began to drill into the waist of the Megazord. The shields held as the drill took longer to drill through the Megazord, than it did the monsters it fought. The rangers shouted in terror. The lights began to flick off and on as alarms also went off through out the Megazord. Sparks spewed into the air from the Zord and inside as well. The cockpit was covered in sparks. The sound of the drill tearing its way through the Megazords metallic body was ear piercing. By now, the rangers were pooping themselves in their suits as certain destruction was close. The Dragonzord in Battle Mode had defeated the Megazord. The power had been too much for the Megazord.

Billy felt like a failure once again. He had tried everything but the Dragonzord was just too much. Now the Megazord was going to be destroyed in a matter of moments. Billy couldn't even keep the Megazord upright anymore. The Zord quit answering to Billy's controls as it fell back against a building in a sitting up position. The Knight could be heard still laughing as his victory was very nearby. Smoke and fire billowed as the lifeless Zord laid helpless. Billy closed his eyes.

There was suddenly an explosion that ripple through the air. Billy looked out of the cockpit to see the mirror Dragonzord in Battle Mode stumbling back. Then Billy saw Tommy's Dragonzord standing up. It had fired missles at the mirror Dragonzord, causing it to stumble back. Tommy walked his Dragonzord up to the Megazord and looked at the heap laying motionless. He said, "Are you guys alright?"

"We are fine, but Megazord is a different story," Kimberly said.

Jason said, "Billy, will the controls respond?"

Billy tried to move the joystick. There was some grinding but Megazord didn't budge. Billy said, "No, everything is non functional. There is no power left."

Jason thought for a moment and said, "What about trying to form MegaDragonzord?"

Tommy shouted over the communicator, "Its our only shot!"

Tommy pushed a button and the Dragonzord lept into the air and split itself from the neck down and rested itself on the Megazords shoulders. The energy the Dragonzord had, flowed into the Megazord. A few moments later, Billy was able to control the zord. Billy stood the zord up as he stomped his way towards the mirror Dragonzord. Even with a missing horn on its head and a huge hole in its stomach, the Megazord marched forward. "Ive tapped into the Dragonzords emergency power so we should be good to go," Tommy said.

Billy began to fight once again. Even though the Megazord was smaller, it was much more powerful now that the Dragonzord was combined with it. The power of six Dinozords was greater than that of four. The Megazord managed to put many dents into the mirror Dragonzord in Battle Mode. The Knight cursed as he picked up his staff. Billy picked up his sword and with a mighty slash, cut the staff in half. Then Billy went to work on the Dragonzord, landing massive punch after massive punch. The Dragonzord staggered about but never fell over. Billy said, "Its weak right now. We could probably finish it!"

"Good idea," Jason said.

Billy put the Megazords sword down and began to collect energy. The Megazord rolled its hands around as if it was rolling a snow ball. In its hand formed a large greenish blue ball of energy. It could have been compared to a beach ball in compasion to a human. The ball of energy had a "Z" in the center of it. Jason said, "Good job Billy, now just aim and fire it at the Zord."

Billy took aim and lunched the ball of energy at the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. A huge explosion started at the chest of the Dragonzord and rippled about. Sparks flew spilled into the air as dirt and debris flew about in the air. The Dragonzord in Battle Mode finally fell to the ground on its back. The damage had ripped a massive hole in the Dragonzord's chest armor. A few seconds later it began to sit up. Trini said, "I guess its not done yet."

Billy watched as the Dragonzord got to its feet. Billy gathered more energy and made another ball of energy, twice as big and hurled it at the Dragonzord. An explosion much larger went off as everything around them was destroyed. Billy put the Megazords arms up to shield them from the light pouring into the cockpit from the explosion of fire and sparks. Everyone watched as limbs of the Dragonzord in Battle Mode scattered about. None of which could be put to any use. The Knight shouted and cursed aloud as he abandoned ship.

Way up above, Rita had been watching and was not pleased. She screamed and threw her staff to the ground and shouted, "Magic wand! Make my Knight grow!!!!!"

The ground opened up and caused the Knight to become supersized. He held his sword and shield with a mirror on it and said, "I shall be copying this zord as well!"

Billy shouted back, "I don't think so Knight!"

Billy picked up the Megazords Power Sword and went into battle. His skills with a sword had greatly increased as he easily thwarted the Knights attacks with the MegaDragonzord. "Way to go Billy!" Kimberly shouted.

In his helmet, Billy smiled thinking, "I'm not really as bad as I thought."

When the Knight was dazed from so many attacks, Billy held the Megazords sword high in the air, collecting as much energy as he could. The Knight in Shinning Mirrors came rushing in as a last attempt but was too late. The Megazord charged forward and with a mighty slash, cut through the Knight. The Knight shouted as he began to let out millions of sparks and bursted into flames and smoke as the remains of his body were burned away by the fire. Smoke billowed into the air as the Knight had finally been defeated. Everyone celebrated in the cockpit of the Megazord. Everyone gave Billy hand shakes, hugs, and high fives as Tommy came over the communicator saying, "You did it Billy!"

Billy felt amazing as his friends cheered for him. Jason walked up to Billy and said to him, "Now you know, that you can handle any challenge that comes your way. This was a very difficult battle. You overcame the odds. But remember, the biggest battle was not fighting the Dragonzord in Battle Mode, but finding the confidence. Once you had your confidence, you were able to take that Knight down, without taking a single hit. I have no doubt that you will pass your test with flying colors."

Billy smiled behind his helmet and threw his arms around Jason. Jason winced as he held onto chest saying, "Easy bro, still injured here."

Zack and Trini held on to Jason as he said, "Now I better get back to the hospital. Hopefully they haven't checked in on me yet."

"Affirmative," Billy said.

Billy and Tommy teleported with Jason back to the hospital. Jason demoprhed and was helped into bed. He looked up at Billy once more and said, "Now, remember, confidence is always the key."

Billy nodded once more before he and Tommy teleported away. It had been a LONG day.

However, back at Rita's palace, the long day was just beginning for them. Rita shouted, "You dummies! You almost had them and they got lucky!"

Squatt shouted, "But atleast the popcorn was great!"

Finster said, "It was Goldars fault!"

"Yeah, he shouldn't have left the Knight on his own!" Baboo said.

Goldar said, "Its not my fault! I..."

Rita pounded Goldar on his head with her staff. Goldar fell to the ground holding his head. "I'm sorry empress!" he shouted in pain.

"I guess I have to do everything around here!" she shouted as she looked out at the Earth.

"Damn I have a ******* head ache!" she shouted as she walked away.

The test for the blue belt had been rescheduled for the following Saturday. Billy had practiced daily with ease. Everyone gathered at the Youth Center as the class was about to start. Zack, Kimberly, and Trini all stood with Jason, who was in a wheelchair to refrain from doing any physical activities until he had healed. Tommy had taken over for Jason. Tommy stood at the front of the mats as all of the students walked into the room in a single file line. Billy was in the middle. Everyone stopped and faced Tommy.

Tommy went, one by one, with each student as they were to show their form and preform a few tactics with Tommy. When it was Billy's turn, he turned and glanced back at Jason. Tommy asked him, "Are you ready to begin?"

"Affirmative!" Billy said.

Billy preformed his form easily with not a single problem. When it was time to preform his manuevers, he went through each one very well. When Billy was done, he stopped and faced Tommy. Tommy stared at Billy for a moment. Billy began to worry for a moment that he might have forgotten something. In his mind he went over everything he had done but was certain he hadn't missed anything. Tommy smiled and walked to a table to the side and picked up a blue belt. He put the belt in Billy's hands and said, "Congradulations Billy. I present you with the Blue Belt."

Billy smiled and picked up his trophy and just looked at it. His hard work and confidence had earned him this honor. He had accomplished this and was proud of it. His friends came to congradulate him as he said, "Thank guys, I couldn't have done it without you."

At that moment, Bulk and Skull, walked into the room. They walked up to the rangers and Bulk looked at Jason and said, "So, heard you got beat up?"

Jason said, "Something like that."

Bulk said, "It must have been from a fish!"

Skull laughed his nerdy laugh and said, "A fish! Thats funny!"

Bulk went on, "Or maybe a bird!"

Skull continued laughing saying, "A bird! Bulkie stop making me laugh so hard!"

Bulk stil continued, "Or maybe a..."

At that moment Billy stepped in front of the two of them and said, "Or maybe you should go bother someone else."

Bulk looked at Billy and said, "Or maybe we should teach you a lesson."

Tommy began to step forwrard but Zack grabbed his arm. Billy looked at Bulk and said, "Maybe someone needs to try if he thinks he is big enough?"

Bulk looked at Billy with anger. He looked at Skull and said, "Get him!"

Both the over weight Bulk and tooth pick Skull ran at Billy with their hands in the air. Billy ducked under them as both of them stumbled forward and slammed into the wall behind Billy. Both bullies fell back holding their faces as Billy looked at them and said, "See guys. You just have to be confident and smart!"

Both Bulk and Skull look at each other and then back at Billy while still laying on the ground as Billy said, "Neither of which you two are!"

Billy's friends laughed as some music played and credits rolled by.
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