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Default Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fic

Jason began to make his way to the back of the cockpit with the others behind him. As Billy stood the Megazord up, the Dragonzord connected with a massive right hook. The blow was so strong that it completely broke off the right horn of the Megazord as sparks spilled from the side of its opened up head. The metal sound of it hitting the ground could be heard as the Megazord stumbled about. Jason and the others held tightly to what ever they could as he shouted, "Try to keep the zord in one piece!"

Billy got used to controlling the Megazord. He was very calm. He began to use the simple techniques he had learned in Jason's class. It was working well. Billy used simple manuevers and even landed a couple of small punches of his own. "I'm doing it. I'm really doing it!" Billy said aloud.

Jason rushed up a staircase that lead to the exit door on the back of the Megazords head. He pulled it open and held on to it and shouted, "You guys better hurry!"

Tommy was the first one to jump from the top of the Megazords head up to the Dragonzords. The other three rangers followed him. Tommy opened the door at the back of the Dragonzords head and entered with the other three rangers. All four rangers stood side by side in the small cockpit as the Knight turned to see them. "Surprise!" Zack shouted as the rangers began to attack him.

Jason slowly made his way back down the stairs and fell into the chair that Billy usually sat in. He watched as the Dragonzord stopped moving. A few moments later, the Knight was seen falling from the Dragonzord to the ground. Jason made a fist pump with Billy as they congradulated Tommy through their communicators.

"No problem guys! Now to dismantle this thing," Tommy said.

From the Dragonzord, Jason and Billy could hear the familiar tune being played on the Dragon Dagger. A few seconds later, the Dragonzord in Battle Mode was returned back to simple Dragonzord. It let out a roar that echoed as Tommy celebrated from within the Dragonzord. Everyone watched as the copy Dinozords returned to their state as well. Jason called out, "This shouldn't be a problem to deal with now."

The Knight in Shinning Armors stood up and stomped his foot as he cursed. He looked up at the Megazord which had sparks coming from the right side of its head where the horn used to be as he shouted, "You think you have won! You really think you have defeated me! Things are just warming up!"

The Knight set his eye on the Dragonzord and aimed his shield at the Zord. The mirror reflected the image of the Dragonzord as a spectrum of light shot from the mirror and began to surround the Dragonzord. Everyone began to get a sick feeling as the spectrum returned to the mirror. The Knight laughed as he said, "Alright friends, please meet MY Dragonzord!"

The Knight turned to his three lone Dinozords and from his shield came a green light as another Dragonzord formed. The Knight laughed as he was pleased with himself. He called out, "Alright my beautys! I command you to create, Dragonzord in Battle Mode!"

With that, the new copy of Dragonzord was combined with the three Dinozords, creating Dragzord in Battle Mode. The staff came crashing to the ground as it looked down at the Knight. The Knight lept into the air and landed on the back of his Dragonzord and entered into the cockpit, sitting himself back down. "What a familiar spot this is," the Knight said.

Kimberly shouted, "Oh no! They created another one!"

Zack said, "And they are at full power!"

"But this time we have the Dragonzord as well!" Jason said. "Everyone return to the Megazord!"

The other three rangers returned to the Megazord and sat down. Billy turned back to Jason and began to stand up. Jason shook his head and said, "Nope, your in control bro. Ill sit back here and do...whatever the hell it is you do here."

Billy felt honored and said, "I won't let you down."

Jason said, "I know you won't."

Trini said, "Why don't we form the same comination so that we are even in power?"

"Plus with the Tyrannosaurus and Ptyerodactyl as extra help, we shouldn't have alot of trouble," Zack said.

Everyone watched the Dragonzord in Battle Mode stomp towards Tommy's Dragonzord. Tommy, from within the Dragonzord played a tune, commanding for an attack. Before the Dragonzord made a move, the Dragonzord in battle mode, slammed its massive fist into the chest of the Dragonzord. The power sent the Zord flying backwards as it crashed into a building. Debris scattered everywhere as the Dragonzord laid motionless in the rocks. "Tommy! Are you ok?" Kimberly called out.

Tommy's voice came over the communicator, "Yeah! Dragonzord has taken serious damage though! Gonna need time to reboot!"

Jason looked at Billy in the drivers seat and said, "Its all you now."

Billy was silent as he watched the Dragonzord in Battle Mode move towards the already beaten Megazord. Billy gulped and turned to Jason and said, "What now?"

Jason said, "Not alot we can do. We have to stand and fight now. Dragonzord is down so its just us and him."

Kimberly thought and then said, "Couldn't we jump zords again and take control of the mirror Dragonzord?"

"I'm sure he will be more weary of that now. We have to destroy him but we will have to deal with the mirror Zords first. We can't take on both him and the Dragonzord so one at a time. Its our only real shot."

Billy nodded and began to move the Megazord forward. Each step the Megazord made came with the sound of gears in the Megazords metal body moving about and motor running to meet the command Billy gave. "Billy, just be calm," Zack said.

The mirror Dragonzord began fighting back against the Megazord. Billy used all of his tactics he had learned once again. The Megazord still managed to take many heavy blows but Billy was landing more and more good shots. Of course, the Megazord didn't offer as much strength as the Dragonzord so the blows were much lighter. Billy landed a serious blow to the side of Dragonzords head. He took the chance to land major blows. Billy began kicking and punching and using different combinations as the Dragonzord took blow after successful blow. Even then, the Dragonzord didn't seem to want to fall off balance. "You have him on the run Billy!" Trini clapped.

The tides changed as the Dragonzord's hand shot out, grabbing the Megazord by the neck. Billy tried to get the Dragonzord to release its grip but it was no use. The rangers could hear the Knight shouting from the Dragonzord, "You rangers are so pathetic! How you managed to keep Rita in check is beyond me!"

The Dragonzord raised the Megazord in the air with one hand by its metallic neck, as high as it could. The Megazord's legs flew forward, putting it in a horizontal position, looking into the sky. The Dragonzord then reversed the direction of its hand and slammed the Megazord on its back using a perfect Chokeslam. The Megazord crashed onto the ground as dirt kicked up into the air. "Billy, hurry and get the Zord back to standing!" Jason shouted as he held onto his chest, groaning from the impact.

Billy quickly put the Megazord on its feet. As he corrected the direction and faced the Dragonzord, a massive kick was delived to the chest of the Megazord. Megazord began taking alot of damage. Billy tried to counter and attack but the Megazord had lost so much energy that it was beginning to lose speed. Zack shouted, "Megazord has taken too much damage. We need more power We are down to 35%!"

The Megazord stumbled back as the damage it received only caused it to slow more and more. Billy grinned and shouted, "We need the Power Sword!"

The Power Sword pierced the sky and came crashing into the ground next to the Megazord. Billy grabbed the sword and the Megazord's energy was returned. "We have 70% power. But with all the damage, it won't be long before we are back down," Trini said.

Billy began to swing the sword awkwardly, landing a few good hits. The Dragonzord stumbled back as a few new dents were added to the armor chest in front. The Knight laughed maniacally and said, "That useless sword won't save you from me!"

The Knight controlled the Dragonzord to pick up its staff. Billy began to panic a little as he tried to fight back. The Dragonzord held its staff in two hands, using both ends of the weapon. Billy was completely overtaken by the weapon as the Megazord was bashed several times and knocked to the ground. Sparks flew from the Megazord as it flopped to the ground. At that point, Tommy's voice came over the communicator and said, "Billy, hold the sword in front of you. Keep it in the center so you can see which side the Dragonzord will swing its weapon. Then you can counter it!"

Billy stood the Megazord back up and did as Tommy said. He held the sword in the center with both hands. As the Dragonzord attacked, Billy saw just how slow the Dragonzord actually was. He was able to block and deflect hit after hit. Billy even landed a few good solid hits with the sword. By this time, Billy had become very skilled with the sword. The Knight realized this and changed strategy. It swung the staff, aiming for the legs of the Megazord. The staff took both feet out from under the Megazord, causing it to, once again, fall to the ground. Before Billy could bring the Zord to its feet, the Dragonzord began pounding away with the staff on the fallen Megazord. The Megazord was coated in more dents as sparks decorated the sky.

"Billy, get Megazord back up! We are down to 40% power!" Trini shouted.

Billy pressed a switch that no one knew existed on the control panel of the Megazord as it immediatly fired a laser beam from the Megazords head. The blast sent sparks flying from the chest of the Dragonzord. The blast was strong enough to cause the Dragonzord to stumble but still refused to fall. The Megazord was set back on its feet but once again was very slow. Billy tried to defend but the Megazord didn't react fast enough once again. The Dragonzord advanced.

Jason said, "You putting up a good fight Billy, but the Megazord is just not a match. Punch in the emergency power!"

Kimberly hit a button that was somewhere on the control panel and a noise similar to a generator starting up sounded through the internals of the Megazord. Billy grabbed the Power Sword and was ready for battle again. Jason said, "Look, we don't have a chance trying to fight. We have to finish this now!"

Billy looked at Jason and said, "You mean..."

"Yes!" Zack exclaimed. "The Power Sword! We have to destroy the mirro Dragonzord!"

Billy realized this heavy artillary was only used in times of despirate need. Numerous monsters had fallen victem to the Megazords sword. It was their only chance left. Billy said, "So um, just use the joy stick?"

Jason shook his head and said, "You have to gather up as much energy into the sword as you can. And then you have to swing as hard as you can. You have to physically do the slashing motion I do when we are about to destroy a monster and shout, "Hyiiiii yahhhhh!"

Billy felt a sudden feeling of stupidity. He knew Jason wouldn't lie to him. So with that, Billy held the sword to the sky. Lightening begin to strike the sword as it was filled with more energy. The sword flashed brightly as it nearly blinded Billy. The Dragonzord began to charge forward as Billy began to make a slashing motion with his hand. He felt incredibly stupid as he shouted, "Hyiiii Yahhh!"

Behind Billy, everyone laughed at how silly Billy looked. He looked back at them and said, "Whats so funny?"

Zack laughed and said, "You didn't actually have to do that motion and shout that."

Billy's gaze turned to Jason as Jason shrugged his shoulders and nodded saying, "Its true. You didn't have to."

Billy's face turned red behind his helmet as he turned back to continue.

The Megazord lunged forward with its sword drawn over its head. Once its was close enough to the Dragonzord in Battle Mode, using both hands, Billy slashed the sword as hard as he could. The sword came crashing down exactly next to the head and left shoulder of the Dragonzord. A massive explosion occured as fire, sparks, and debris scattered about. Explosion after explosion went off around the Dragonzord. The explosion was so intense that the Megazord was blown back. Billy sat the Megazord up as he could no longer see the Dragonzord as the explosion engulfed it. As the explosions begin to die down and nothing but smoke was around, everyone cheered. "You did it Billy!" Zack shouted as he slapped Billy on the back.

Trini and Kimberly gave each other high fives as Jason said, "You did a great job man!"

Billy felt this sense of accomplishment as he sat back and closed his eyes. After all that had happened, it was finally over. Jason looked at the Megazord statisics and said, "Good thing its over, we don't have much energy left at all."
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