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Default Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fic

Jason controled the Megazord and threw the horn back at the Dragonzord. The white glowing horn smashed into the Dragonzord's chest. An explosion rippled and sparks spewed into the air as the Dragonzord took a step back from its own attack. As before it recovered quickly. "You rangers will pay for that!" the Knight shouted.

With that, the Dragonzord marshed towards the Megazord and attacked non stop. Punches and kicks connected with the Megazord as the smaller robot gained a few new dents in its body. Jason tried to keep defending but the Dragonzord was just so strong. A few more heavy blows and the Megazord fell to the ground for the third time. "Power is has dropped to sixty five percent." Billy said.

Jason watched as the Dragonzord aproached the downed Megazord. It leaned down and lifted the Megazord high into the air, over its head. Jason shut his eyes as he held his chest and shouted, "Brace yourself guys!"

Everyone held on to the chair they were sitting in and the control panel as the Dragonzord hurled the Megazord into a building. Jason groaned even more as the impact shook the Megazord as it bounced along the ground limply. Jason reached for his joystick to stand the Megazord up, only to see the Dragonzord grab the Megazords left leg and swung the zord by its leg into yet another building. Concrete chunks, window glass, and innocent human bodies crashed against the Megazord as it smashed the entire building.

Tommy shouted, "We have to get the dagger back!"

Jason looked out the window of the cockpit as the lights inside the cockpit struggled to stay on. The view was a sideways view of downtown Angel Grove. "Your right, Megazord can't last too much longer! Your guys get ready to jump!"

Everyone began to stand up and Jason looked at Billy and said, "You stay here!"

Everyone stopped and looked at Jason. Billy said, "Why me?"

Jason said, "You control the Megazord! Ill open the hatch so everyone else can jump out!

Luckily no one could see the scared look on Billy's face as he looked out the window seeing the enormous Dragonzord as he looked back at Jason and said, "I can't! I can't fight something that big!"

"You can Billy!" Jason told him. "You have to keep calm! You have to use your head!"

Billy was getting nervous as he said, "But how? What do I do? I don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

Jason looked at him and said, "You already know what to do. Just use the techniques you were taught in your class."

"Yeah," Tommy added. "Just have confidence!"

Billy looked out the window again and then back at Jason and said, "Well, alright. If you really think I can."

Kimberly said, "We know you can Billy!"

Billy turned and sat down in the center chair that Jason always used. He said, "How do you drive this thing?"

Jason said, "Just grab that joystick and the rest is all mental. If you want to punch or kick, you hold the stick. If you want to walk, you hold the stick. Have you ever seen that stupid Power Crystal actually bend in these episodes except for when the Megazord is getting up from the ground?"

Billy thought about it and said, "This can't be too difficult."

Billy grabbed the control stick and tried to bring it to the center position with his hand. The stick felt stuck. It took him both hands to move it to the center position as the Megazord climbed to its feet. "That was hard to do!" Billy thought.

Jason shouted, "Ill be back in a bit!"
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