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Default Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fic

"We have to stop him!" Kimberly cried out.

"But how?" Tommy said. "Without the Dragonzord, we don't have any alternative!"

Zack said, "Its our only shot, but we have to call our Dinozords."

Billy said, "But thats no good. Alone they aren't nearly as strong as a Dragonzord in Battle Mode.

Tommy felt there was nothing that could be done. He shouted, "What do you want now?"

The Knight made his way from the control room back outside. He stood on the left shoulder of the Dragonzord. He called down, "There is nothing more that you can give us! We have what we need! You don't have the Dragonzord, so you cannot form this zord with your own Dinozords. The Red Ranger is out of commission, so there is only your Dinozords alone to deal with me. What can you possibly do?"

Billy said, "Our best bet now is to go back to the Command Center, perhaps Zordon will have some idea of what to do."

The Knight laughed and said, "Run if you wish. You will have exactly one hour from this moment. What ever plan you can possibly bring to stop Dragonzord in Battle Mode, I give you the chance to concoct it. At that point, your fate will be sealed!"

Goldar laughed in victory as he shouted, "What can you rangers possibly do to overpower the Dragonzord in Battle Mode?"

Goldar looked up at the Knight and tossed the Dragon Dagger into the air as the Knight caught it in one hand and held it carefully.

The rangers all stood questioning Goldars question. Tommy finally spoke, "Fine then, one hour. We will be back!"

Tommy wasted not time in touching his morpher as for some reason while morphed, the teleportation action was made by touching the morpher. Tommy faded into a green flash as the rest of the rangers faded in their own color as well.

Goldar looked into the sky and held his sword in victory as he teleported back to Rita's palace.

Once Goldar arrived at Rita's palace, Babboo, Squatt, Finster, and Scorpina welcomed him with pats on the shoulder and high fives. Rita stood there and shouted, "Ahahaha! You finally did something right Goldar!"

"Yes Empress!" Goldar shouted back.

"Without any weapon powerful enough to battle the Dragonzord in Battle Mode, those rangers are finished!" Rita cried out.

Scorpina said, "What a way to defeat the Power Rangers!"

"Yes!" Finster said. "By using one of the Power Rangers most powerful Zords!"

Rita laughed aloud with the others as she said, "Finster! Prepare some popcorn! We will have a movie on the big screen in one hour! It will be called, "The destruction of the Power Rangers!"

Squatt squealed and said, "Yes! Rated R!"

The rangers arrived at the Command Center. They all took off their helmets and stared up at Zordon. Alpha said, "This look terrible."

"Zordon, what do we do?" Kimberly said.

Zordon said, "Unfortunatly, Rita has rendered us completely without a defense. Without the Dragonzord, we cannot hope to defeat Rita and her mirror Dinozords with the added power of the Dragonzord."

"So thats it?" Tommy asked. "Rita has won?"

"I am sorry Power Rangers, but even now I am unable to devise a thorough plan. The only thing that could help us is to recover the Dragon Dagger," Zordon said.

Zack said, "But, the Knight has it with him."

"Yeah," Trini added. "He is controlling the Dragonzord now from inside."

Tommy said, "We just need a way to get inside, but there is just no way to get inside with him watching us."

Billy said glumly, "We need Jason's input. He would think of something. He is the leader after all."

Tommy looked at Zordon and said, "Thats a great idea. Jason would want us to contact him if we needed his help."

Alpha said, "Ill see if I can't get a hold of him."

Alpha pressed a few switches and sent out the call. On the viewing globe, the rangers could see Jason. He was sitting up and eating a dinner meal in his bed. Jason groaned as he tried to feed himself. He took a bite of his green beans, which tasted terrible. "Why does this taste so...ugh," Jason said to himself.

At that moment, his communicator beeped the same tune as always. Jason jumped a little as he wasn't prepared for anyone to contact him. Jason's forhead wrinkled as he wondered why he was being called. He tried to bring his wrist closer to his face but winced and set his wrist back down. He pressed the button on the side and spoke, "Go ahead."

Tommy spoke to Jason as he said, "Hey buddy, how are you feeling?"

"A little better," Jason said. "Still rather sore and being forced to eat food that has no taste to it."

Zack shouted, "Well, hell with that ****** food!"

Everyone stared at Zack as Trini whispered, "Remember, this is a kids show."

Zack made a face and said, "Oops, my bad. I mean...darn that nasty food!"

Jason shook his head and said, "Did you guys take care of the monster?"

Billy said, "Not exactly. The Knight has made copies using its shield of three of our Dinozords and stole the Dragon Dagger, which was my fault, and now has Dragonzord in Battle Mode and is going to destroy the city."

Jason questioned, "Is going to? You mean he hasn't yet?"

"No," Trini said. "The Knight gave us one hour to come up with our best plan."

There was a moment of silence as Kimberly said, "We just need a plan. What do we do?"

Billy said, "We need to steal the Dragon Dagger back from the Knight while he is controlling the Dragonzord from within somehow."

Zack added, "We can't defeat the Dragonzord with our four Dinozords, not a chance."

Tommy said, "We just don't have a any way to defend against the Dragonzord in Battle Mode so the best chance is to take the Dragon Dagger back. But how do we do that and defend the city?"

Jason thought for a moment and said, "Use the next best option. The Megazord."

Everyone looked at each other as Billy said, "But we can't. Your in the hospital. You coming into battle is out of the question."

"I can offer all I have. I could control the Megazord long enough to let you guys jump ship and take back the dagger and kick out the Knight," Jason said. "He can't control the Dragonzord and defend the dagger at the same time."

Zordon said, "Jason, I must intervene. Even though morphing will help ease your pain it will not completely restore you. It is possible that leaving the hospital and going into battle, injured, could still affect your human body."

"You know I would do this in a heart beat. Once the dagger is recovered, there shouldn't be any real problem right? The Dragonzord can be disesembled and then everything is alright," Jason said.

"You are a couragious leader Jason. If you really want to do this..." Zordon said as Jason interrupted. "There is no other way Zordon."

"You have to promise to avoid any physical fighting," Kimberly said.

Jason said back, "Promise. Ill need someone to get my morpher. Its in my clothes that the doctor put up."

Tommy said, "Ill get it for you. You just sit tight for a few minutes."

"You got it," Jason said.

Zack rubbed his hands together and said, "Megazord versus Dragonzord in Battle Mode! This is gonna be awesome!"

Billy said, "But how can we even hope to stand a chance?"

Trini said, "Its all about staying calm. Remember?"

Billy quickly composed himself and said, "Your right. Jason will find a way. I must also remain calm and focused."

Tommy turned to the other rangers and said, "You guys go ahead and go. Ill go get Jason."

"Right!" everyone said in unison.

The rangers teleported to the city as Tommy teleported to the hospital. In a few moments, he appeared in Jason's hospital room with his helmet reattached. He looked at Jason in his bed and said, "So where is your clothes at?"

Jason looked towards a closet door to the right of his bed. "Should be in there."

Tommy walked to the closet and opened the door. Inside was millions of hangers hanging inside and a bag on the top shelf. Tommy opened it and dug through it until he found Jason's pants. He shuffled through the pockets until he found Jason's morpher. "Got it!" Tommy exclaimed.

He sat the bag back where he got it and closed the door. He walked to Jason and handed it to him. Jason took his morpher in hand and winced. "Moving around makes it worse," Jason muttered.

"Are you sure your going to be alright?" Tommy asked.

Jason said, "Not really but what choice do I have?"

Jason pushed the button on the side of his morpher. He groaned and held his chest as he whispered, "Tyrannosaurus..."

With that, Jason's red suit covered his body. Jason slowly started to climb out of bed. He clutched his chest as Tommy helped him to his feet. He put one of Jason's arms over his shoulder and said, "Ready to go?"

Jason said, "The quicker the better."

With that, Tommy teleported with Jason to the city. They were met with the other rangers welcoming Jason.

Zack said, "Now we got to make this work without you getting hurt Jason."

"Yes, even though we are going to be outmatched," Billy said.

Jason, who was still hanging onto Tommy said, "Your not going to get your blue belt with that attitude. Size doesn't matter. It takes more to win a battle than strength alone."

Trini said, "Billy. Calm down."

Billy nodded again and composed himself and said, "So now what do we do?"

Jason looked up seeing the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. He said, "Well, we need Dinozord power now!"

Lightning struck as every Dinozord was awakened. The Ptyerodactyl flew from the volcano that ALWAYS erupted everytime it was summounded, causing the death of innocent people in the city it was nearby. The triceratops came on its treads from the desert as it met up with the Saber Toothed Tiger, which ran at full speed from the jungle. The Mostodon called out as it made its way from its icey habitat.

The ground shook and began to split open as the head of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord poked its way out. It climbed out of the ground and let out a deafening roar as it walked towards Jason. Jason thought to himself, "It wouldn't make for as good of an episode if I just teleported my lazy ass up to the Zord."

Jason, still being held by Tommy, jumped up together to Jason's Dinozord. Jason slowly made his way through the door as he sat easily into the chair in the cockpit. Tommy sat behind him and watched as Jason began to pilot the Zord. Each step the Zord took, Jason groaned a little as it shook him, causing pain in his chest.

The Zords all gathered around as the Dragonzord in Battle Mode towered over them all. "So, go ahead! Start your transformation!" the Knight called out.

Jason knew there was no point in wasting energy trying to fight as single Zords so he called out, "Rangers! Log on!"

The other four rangers lept into the respective Zords. Each ranger said,

"Zack here! I forgot my password to log on!"

"Billy here! I have a little willy."

"Trini here! I want Billy's willy!"

"Kimberly here...guys get a room!"

With that, Jason shouted, "Activate your Power Crystals!"

Jason plugged his Power Crystal into the control panel and for some reason it acted as a joystick.

The rest of the rangers followed as each Zord powered up. With that, each Zord began to transform. The Mastodon wrapped around the Tyrannosaurus, forming arms. The Ptyrodactyl sat on the back of the Tyrannosaurus to waste time with Tank Mode. The Triceratops and Saber Toothed Tigers tails folded back and the Tyrannosaurus' knee was shoved into their ass holes.

Everyone was seated in the cockpit of the Megazord. Jason reached down and winced as he put on his seat belt. Tommy sat behind everyone as he and everyone else put their seat belt on except for Trini. Jason strained to look over at her as she said, "What? I never wear my seat belt!"

Jason didn't look away. He only stared at her until she said, "Ok fine! Ill put it on!"

With that, she put her seat belt on as Jason said, "You know that not wearing your seat belt is gonna be the death of you one day right?"

Trini rolled her eyes as Jason looked forward and said, "High Stance Mode!"

With that, the Megazord stood up as the Pterodactyl flew about as the Tyrannosaurus's head folded into the chest, reveiling the Megazords head. The Pteroydactly covered the Tyrannosaurus's chest as the Megazords horns swung out. "Megazord activated!" The computer spoke out.

Lightning struck the Megazord as it powered up. Jason used his joystick, Power Crystal thing, to move the Megazord forward. Somehow, the joystick thing seemed to know EXACTLY what to do. Every punch, every kick, every motion was commanded through this joystick. Go figure.

By now, the sky had darkened as usual. Jason stopped the Megazord in front of the Dragonzord in Battle Mode. Normally the Megazord stood taller than its opponents but Dragonzord in Battle Mode was an extra head taller than the Megazord. Its shoulders were broader and had a wider stance. It simply looked bigger and stronger than the Megazord.

The Knight laughed as he looked across to the opposing Zord. "I gave you one hour to come back with your master plan to stop me and this is what you come up with? An injured ranger with an inferior Zord? I expected you to obtain new powers or weapons or Zords as Power Rangers always do when they are totally belittled."

Jason shouted, "We are more than a match for you!"

"We shall see about that!" the Knight called out.

Lightnting boomed overhead as the two Zords charged each other. The two Zords met in the middle of the city and before anything happened, the Dragonzord landed a punch against the Megazord. Megazord fell back as Jason cried out from the agony of being rocked around in the cockpit of the Megazord while injured. "Keep it steady guys!" he commanded as he brought the Megazord to its feet.

The two Zords began to battle. Dragonzord in Battle Mode was obviously much bigger and stronger than the Megazord. The blows it landed during combat were very heavy and caused the Megazord to draw back alot. The sound of each blow it landed was deafening and echoed through the city.

Megazord on the other hand, was smaller, yet faster. It did manage to get some blows of its own in, but they didn't pack nearly the sheer force that the Dragonzord possesed. The Dragonzord was just way too powerful. The Megazord did, however, hold its own but it was clear the Dragonzord was the superior fighter as another swift punch to the Megazords chest sent the robot flying back, falling onto its back with sparks exploding from the robot.

Again, Jason tried to maintain control while gritting his teeth as the robot fell to the ground and Jason was shaken about. He grabbed the joystick and got the Megazord back on its feet. Jason shouted, "We are so outmatched!"

Billy said, "Jason, keep calm! Remember, patience."

"Right, thanks man for the reminder," Jason said.

Inside his helmet, Billy was smiling. He had been given the honor of reminding his teacher, his leader, about being calm in a situation. Billy thought maybe one day he would in fact be better than Jason. He brought his mind back to the present and concentrated on doing nothing useful where he sat.

With the new idea in mind, Jason let the Dragonzord come stomping its way towards the Megazord. As Dragonzord attacked, Jason began to step away from swinging punches and moved the head to the side of straight punches. Jason attempted to block a punch with one of Megazords arms, but the force sent Megazord stumbling about, trying to regain itself.

As Jason composed the Megazord yet again, Dragonzord came back on the attack. Jason finally began to block punches but it requred the use of both arms. Dragonzord was indeed strong, but slow. Jason could see what attack was going to be made long before it reached the Megazord. When Jason found an opening, he lunged Megazords fist straight at the Dragonzord's chest. Sparks flew about although the Dragonzord barely seemed phased. Jason said, "We are going to need to get that plan into action soon."

Tommy said, "Let the fight go on a little longer. Just try to keep him occupied."

Jason went back to defending. The Megazord again landed a few more blows to the Dragonzords head. The Zord seemed to recover instantanously. Jason said, "Its not wonder why most monsters don't stand a chance against Dragonzord in Battle Mode. Its just so powerful and so durable."

Jason watched the Dragonzord leaned back and the horn on its head began to glow white. Everyone braced themselves for the attack. Jason grinned as he watched the Dragonzord threw its head forward as the horn seperated from the top of the Dragonzords head and was hurled through the air at the Megazord. Everyone grabbed the closest thing around them, except for Jason. He waited until the last moment and the Megazord caught the horn in its hand. Everyone looked at Jason as he said, "Something tells me the horn will NEVER hit any monster we use it on. Its too predictable."
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