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Default Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fic

The five rangers arrived at the Command Center in a matter of moments. Alpha was running back and forth pressing buttons and switches. Zordon was...floating. Billy moved towards the panels and immediatly began to help Alpha with monitoring Angel Grove. "I just know Rita is going to attack," Billy said.

"My sensors do not detect anything, however, Rita is highly unpredictable. She could strike at any time," Zordon said.

Kimberly asked, "Can we keep an extra watch over the hospital?"

"Yeah, I mean, Rita might try to take Jason or something," Zack said.

Alpha said, "I'm trying but its just so difficult watching over the entire city."

Tommy was pacing back and forth slowly as his thoughts were deep with Jason. He wanted to be able to see his friend walk about and battle along side them. If only Tommy had gotten there sooner, prehaps he could have been more help.

"Green Ranger," Zordon said. "What is on your mind?"

Tommy looked up at Zordon in his tube and said, "Its just Jason. I'm worried about him. I mean, what if everyone is right. What if Rita tries to go after Jason again?"

Zordon was silent as Tommy went on, "I just feel like I failed. Jason needed my help. I just wish I could be there right now." Tommy looked at the ground and hung his head. The failure Tommy felt was so strong that it was possible for everyone else to feel it as well.

Zordon said, "Tommy, if you really feel you should be by Jason's side, in this tough time for him, then go be beside him. This way, you will also be able to possibly divert any possible attack Rita were to make on the hospital or Jason again."

Tommy perked up a little as he was delighted to hear that he could return to be there with Jason. Trini smiled and said, "Just make sure if you need help to let us know?"

Tommy grinned and said, "You got it."

Tommy reached for his communicator, and then he paused and turned to Alpha and said, "I have a favor to ask Alpha."

"A favor?" Alpha asked. "What do you need?"

"I was wanting my Dragon Dagger," Tommy said.

"Oh? That seems like an easy favor," Alpha said.

Alpha put his little robotic hands together and in a flash of green light, the Dragon Dagger appeared in his hands. He reached his hand up to Tommy and said, "Here you go."

Tommy took his dagger in hand. The sharp metal was cold as Tommy wrapped both hands around it. He turned to Billy and held it out to him. "Just in case something starts without me and you need extra power."

Billy looked at Tommy stunned at what Tommy was intrusting him with. Billy hesitated for a moment but then took the dagger in his hand. He looked down at it, seeing the sharp blade and the keys one pressed to play a tune to call out the mighty Dragonzord. Billy grinned his nerdy little grin and said, "Oh wow, thank you!"

Billy held on to the dagger tight. He almost wanted something to happen just so Billy could control the Dragonzord once. He couldn't help the smile that stayed on his face. Tommy said, "Promise you will take care of it?"

Billy said, "Of course, No worries!"

Tommy nodded and said, "Ill be back in a while guys."

With that, Tommy touched his communicator, pressing a button which caused him to fade into green light.

Billy watched until the green light was completely gone. He took another glance at the dagger in his hand. He felt so honored to be holding such power. He hoped he would get a chance to use it.

On the moon, someone else was watching the exchange of weaponery. The evil witch Rita, had been watching the entire time. She held the eye piece to her extremely powerful telescope. She laughed aloud and turned to the rest of her minions and shouted, "We have just had our work cut out for us!"

Squatt looked up at Rita and said, "What work? I don't ever work."

Rita eyed him and then said, "Your right, and after I defeat the Power Rangers Ill turn you into a talking squash!"

Squatt took a few steps back as Goldar said, "What work has been cut out for us?"

Rita shouted, "We are going to steal the Dragon Dagger!"

Babboo said, "And what good will that do?"

"With the Knights stolen copies of the three dinozords, we will be able to send Dragonzord in battle mode and make it attack the city!" Rita exclaimed.

Goldar said, "Of course! Then the rangers can't even the score with their own Dragonzord in battle mode! Its a brilliant plan!"

Rita laughed and said, "But of course, since it was MY idea!"

"But empress, wouldn't it be better to let me attack them? I am the greatest of all the..." Goldar was cut off as Rita swung her staff into Goldars stomach. She had had enough of Goldar's rambling. Goldar held his stomach as he fell to one knee.

"Hush you over grown monkey!" Rita shouted at him. "I'm in charge and I'm making the disicions around here!"

Goldar didn't move as he gasped for air. Rita then said to him, "Now your going to go with the Knight and take the Dragon Dagger from Billy."

Goldar finally stood up and muttered, "Yes empress..."

"Now go!" Rita commanded as she hurried to her telescope to watch. Rita's schme was beginning to peak.

Goldar stood and looked over at a group of putties and said, "Come on clay brains. Lets go get clobbered as usual!"

The putties all followed Goldar as he teleported to the earth below. He stood there and let the putties dance around, making that sound of a cat underwater. Goldar knew the rangers would show but he didn't know when. "Come on rangers, I know you know that I'm here!"

Back at the Command Center, the alarms went off. Alpha walked about and shouted, "Aiy yi yi yi yi! Goldar is in Angel Grove!"

"Looks like Rita is making a move," Zack said.

"Rangers, you must hurry and stop Goldar! I will contact Tommy and have him meet you there," Zordon said.

Billy looked back down at the Dragon Dagger and felt anxious to use it. He hoped a monster, tall and large, came into battle. He said to Zordon, "We have everything under control."

"Good, go now, and let the power protect you," Zordon reminded.

Billy took the center, which wasn't much of a center since there were four rangers in the Command Center. He then shouted, "Its morphin' time!"

Zack called out, "Mastodon!"

Ptyrodactyl!" Kimberly called out.

Triceratops!" Billy called.

"Saber Toothed Tiger!" Trini cried out.

With that, the four rangers teleported to the park. Once they arrived, Goldar was standing there with a group of putties behind him. He shouted, "About time you losers show up!"

Kimberly said, "We are gonna show you who the losers are!"

Goldar sighed as he knew she was right. "Get them!" Goldar commanded.

The putties charged into battle as the rangers fought back. The battle was pretty one sided as a group of putties was barely a match for morphed rangers. Goldar laughed manicially, even though his putties were getting creamed.

At that moment, the Knight in Shinning Mirrors appeared. He walked calmly towards the rangers as they battled the putties. He spoke aloud, "You depressing Power Rangers are fools!"

High up above, Rita was watching and knew that this was her cue. She wanted to make her Knight much bigger and taller. She took her wand in both hands and shout, "Magic wand! Make my Knight grow!"

With that, she hurled the wand to the earth below. It stabbed into the ground and sent out small electrical bolts into the ground. Smoke from no where, erupted around the Knight as he grew very, very tall. He looked down at the rangers still battling the putties. He stood patiently, without attacking.

Billy looked up and saw the Knight had grown. He fought off a few other putties and then said, "Now is my chance!"

He took the Dragon Dagger in his hand and put it to his helmet, where the impression of lips where and begin to play the same tune that always woke up the Dragonzord. Billy could hear in the distance, the water erupting and ground shaking as the Dragonzord sprang out of the water.

As the Dragonzord began to make its way to the sound of the flute, Billy celebrated with a fist pump and say, "Yes! Morphiniminal!"

Billy's celebration did not last long as he felt the dagger ripped from his hands. He turned as Goldar had taken the dagger from him. "Thank you Blue Ranger!"

Billy attempted to get the dagger back but was struck down by Goldar. Billy fell back and stood up slowly. "Give it back Goldar!"

"Finders keepers, little blue!" Goldar teased.

Goldar brought the dagger to his nasty mouth as he played the same tune, commanding the Dragonzord for himself. He turned the Dragonzord on Angel Grove. It stomped its way towards the city and began to destroy the city. Billy hung his head as he watched the power he held, being used for evil. What would Tommy think?

The other rangers came running to Billy. "Whats up with the Dragonzord?" Zack asked.

Billy sighed, "Goldar took the dagger from me!"

Kimberly said, "We have to get it back!"

"Hey Goldar! Give back the dagger now!" Trini shouted.

Goldar laughed and said, "Would I ever do anything you say?"

The rangers charged Goldar. Goldar retaliated with his sword. One by one, he knocked each ranger to the ground. He laughed and said, "You Power Rangers are pathetic!"

Back at the hospital, Tommy sat in Jason's room. Jason slept silently as the only sound in the room was the sound of Jason's heart monitor. Tommy just stared at Jason as he slept. He looked peaceful, but Tommy knew his pain had to excruciating.

Tommy kept running the entire battle through his head. He wondered what he could have possibly done to help Jason. He wished he could take Jason's pain. Atleast Jason wasn't aware of it while he slept.

Tommy's thoughts were interrupted by a catchy tune that came from his communicator. Tommy moved his wrist towards the end of the room so that he would not wake Jason up. "Go ahead Zordon," Tommy said.

"Tommy," Zordon said. "The rangers need your help. The Knight in Shinning Mirrors is in the park with Goldar."

Tommy said, "Alright, Ill be there."

Tommy gave Jason one last look, but only to see Jason looking at Tommy. "Trouble?" Jason asked quietly.

"Yeah, sounds like the monster from earlier has shown up again," Tommy said.

Jason looked up at Tommy and said, "Well, make sure you send that monster my regards."

"You bet, bro," Tommy said.

They both shook hands as Tommy stepped back. He began to speak, "Its..."

He looks down at Jason and didn't want to be loud. Tommy whispered, "Its morphin' time!"

"Dragonzord!" Tommy whispered.

Morphed and ready for action, Tommy teleported to the park. When everything came into view, Tommy saw his Dragonzord heading towards the city. After another glance, Tommy ran to the other rangers. "Alright!" he said. "You got the Dragonzord out!"

Tommy started to wonder why the Dragonzord was moving away from the Knight in Shinning Mirrors. Goldar looked at the Green Ranger and said, "We took something and made it ours!"

Tommy saw the Dragon Dagger in Goldars hand. Tommy turned to Billy as Billy said, "Sorry Tommy, he stole it from me."

"Thats not a problem!" Tommy said. He ran at Goldar as he tried to attack. Tommy was a skilled fighter, but was no match for Goldar and his mighty sword. The sword struck across the Green Ranger, sending sparks everywhere as Tommy fell to the ground. The other rangers ran to help him up.

"Tommy, are you alright?" Kimberly asked.

Tommy said, "Yeah, I'm fine. But we got to get the dagger back."

Goldar laughed and said, "Not a chance rangers! We have a show for you to watch!"

The rangers watched the Knight took his shield which looked like a mirror and aimed it up into the air. Three beautiful colors of yellow, black, and blue, shot from the mirror and into the sky. The ground shook a little as in the distance, footsteps were heard.

Zack saw in the distance, a black four legged elephant like creature walking towards the Knight. Zack shouted in surprise, "Its the Mastodon!"

Billy could see his giant Triceratops on treads, making its way to the park. Trini also noticed her Saber Toothed Tiger running at full speed to meet the rest. The three zords stopped in front of the Knight. The knight looked at the three zords and said, "My wonderful, perfect copies! It is now time to bring the ultimate plan together!"

The rangers stood by looking on. Even Goldar watched curiously. "Now combine together! Together with the Dragonzord!"

Goldar got the idea and held the dagger to his groaty mouth and played a tune. With that, the Dragonzord lept into the air. Its shoulders pulled together to form armor and the legs bent up at the knees. The triceratops and Saber Toothed Tiger bent at the neck and became legs while the Mastodon wrapped itself around the Dragonzord and formed arms.

The Power Rangers watched in amazement as the Dragonzord in Battle Mode was completed. The Knight held its sword up in victory. The Knight jumped into the air, doing a flip as it shrank back down to normal size and landed on the back of the Dragonzord. He hurried into the control room and sat down and began to move the Dragonzord. It stomped a few steps closer to the rangers. The rangers covered their faces as dust and dirt kicked up in their direction.
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