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Default Re: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan fic

The monster swung his flaming sword at Billy but Billy couldn't fight back. He had lost his focus and was now panicing. The knight came down with a slash as Billy put his lance up and used it as a defense. The flames met the lance and sliced right through it. Billy dropped his broken weapons and attempted to fight back. Without having his focus, he was easily overtaken.

Billy fell with a thud after taking a blow from the flaming sword. "You battled long and hard," the knight growled. "Now you meet your end!"

The knight raised his sword over the defeated Billy. Billy closed his eyes. He had fought as best as he could. He had used all his tactics and they werent enough. His confidence had been shattered. He had failed and this was it.

As Billy awaited his fate, he heard a familiar voice shout, "Tyrannosaurus!"

Billy looked to his left and saw Jason, on his back with his morpher in the air. His ranger suit covered his body as he sprang up from where he laid. Billy could tell Jason was still in some pain as he watched his friend make his way over to where he was with the knight standing over him.

Billy knew that the ranger suit would help ease Jason's pain, but how much pain had Jason been in? Would it only get worse if he battled while in his ranger form? Billy wasn't sure but as it appeared, he would soon find out. The knight eyed Jason and said, "I thought you were injured!"

Jason said, "You should know it takes alot to hold down a ranger!"

The knight scoffed and said, "I have defeated all of your pathetic friends, how do you expect to win on your own?"

Jason held his arm up close to his chest and grunted a little as he said, "I have enough to defeat you!"

Jason summoned his Power Sword. The long silver sword with a red handle appeared in Jason's trained hands. He kept it in front of him, ready to battle the knight. The knight said, "I give you an A in stupidity. Taking me on all by your lonesome is a foolish choice. You will soon regret your decision!"

The knight raised his sword in the air and charged at Jason. Jason ran to meet the knight. The two clashed swords as sparks flew from each touch. Jason easily fended off the knight with its attacks, only suffering a few blows to his already injured body. The knight, however, did not seemed phased by the attacks he received.

"Enough of this! I find you tasteless! Feel the wrath of the Knight in Shinning Mirrors!" the knight shouted.

The knight sent his sword ablaze as he did before. As he weilded it, background scenery blurred in the heat coming from the sword. Jason did not let this worry him. He, again, went on the defense. However, this time the colisions of the two swords resulted in massive bursts of fire. The knight landed a couple of blows with the seiring sword. Jason fell to the ground, dropping his sword, as he could feel the pain of his wound through his suit. Even with the relief the suit gave Jason, the pain still ran through his chest, weaker, but still enough to cause Jason sever discomfort.

Billy watched as Jason was losing the battle. The pain Jason must have been trying to deal with while battling must have been intense. Billy wanted to get up but his body was just too tired. He watched and looked for the other rangers. Only one had managed to stand up at this point.

Tommy, the Green Ranger, had forced himself to his feet as he ran to stand in front of Jason. He stooped down and picked up Jason's sword and held it in his hand. Without a word, he charged into battle. Using skill that far surpassed the skill Billy had tried to use, and the skill that Jason possesed, he easily overcame the knight. Tommy never suffered a single attack as the knight fell to the ground, again and again.

Tommy had always been good with a sword, even better than Jason, although Jason hadn't admitted it. Now it was being proven as the knight could not withstand the attack. After another fall, he shouted, "This isn't the end Power Rangers!"

"Come back again anytime!" Tommy said as he watched the knight fade in a golden light.

He turned around and ran to Jason. He clutched his chest as he said, "Thanks Tommy."

"Anytime Bro," Tommy said. "Lets get you out of here. You need medical help."

Jason muttered, "No Ill be fine."

Jason was so exhuasted, he demorphed. With his suit gone, the pain came back flooding through him. He cried out in agony as his chest began to bleed severly again. Kimberly and Zack tried to put pressure on the wound. "We got to get him to a hospital. He is losing alot of blood," Zack said.

Billy finally recovered as he stood up and walked to Jason. Billy said, "Angel Grove Hospital is not far at all. We should teleport. Zordon will understand us using our powers for this."

At that moment, everyone powered down. Now out of their suits, Zack and Tommy grabbed one of Jason's arms and began to pull him up. Billy stood behind Jason to help him stand. Once he was up, Billy said, "Is the coast clear?"

Before anyone answered, Tommy and Zack teleported with Jason. Billy, Trini, and Kimberly followed behind. The teleportation only took a couple of seconds as they appeared out in the front of the hospital. Kimberly said, "I hope no one saw that."

Tommy said, "At this point I really don't care! Go on ahead of us and get a nurse or someone!"

Kimberly hurried into the hospital to alert the staff inside of Jason's condition. Zack and Tommy walked slowly next to Jason as he struggled to keep standing as he shuffled along. Billy stayed behind Jason in case he fell. Trini hurried to the front door of the hospital and pulled it open, letting everyone walk inside.

The air inside the hospital smelled of dying people. Billy's stomach turned as he tried to hold his nose. Kimberly came running up with four members of the hospital staff. They pushed a rolling bed behind Jason and let him sit on it. They eased him onto the bed as he laid down. One of the men on the staff looked at Jason and said, "Hello Jason. My name is Dr. Sims. We are going to take you to room 117."

The man was in his mid 20's and stood tall and lean. He had long brown hair tied back with green eyes. He had a doctors coat on with a stethoscope around his neck. As he rushed Jason to the room with a few other staff members following him, he looked at the other rangers and asked, "How did this happen?"

Trini said, "It was a monster attack. The Power Rangers saved him and so we brought him in. He is our friend."

The rangers turned and gave Trini a wink as Billy threw in a thumbs up for not gving their identity away while telling the truth. The doctor said, "A monster attack? Looks pretty bad. Did the rangers defeat this monster?"

Tommy grinned and said, "The Green Ranger chased him away. He wont be coming back, not for a while anyways."

"Hopefully," Zack added.

Billy said, "Atleast not any time soon."

The doctor finally reached the room Jason had been given. As they wheeled him in, the doctor said, "It will be a few minutes to get him set up. Please wait in the waiting area."

Tommy watched as the doctor closed the door. He hung his head and walked to the waiting area where everyone gathered around. Kim looked at Tommy and said, "Jason is going to be fine. He is a fighter."

Tommy nodded as Trini said, "You have done enough, there is nothing more you can do."

"I just feel useless," Tommy said.

Zack said, "We better hope that monster doesn't come back for a while. We won't have Jason to help."

Billy thought of what condition Jason might be in. He thought of what they would do if the monster returned. He hoped they could see Jason soon. "We better just stay alert," Billy said.

After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came out of Jason's room with his crew members. Dr. Sims looked at the rangers and said, "He is resting now. He will just fine with rest. He is lucky to have friends who care about him like you. If you see the Power Rangers, tell them I thank them for their hard work and dedication. They saved this teenagers life.

All the rangers seemed to lighten up a bit as those words were said. Tommy smiled for the first time since everything began to happen. He said, "Thank you for taking care of Jason. When can we see him?"

Dr. Sims said, "You can see him now. He asked me to let you come in as soon as possible. Ill be just down the hall if you need anything."

The doctor walked off as the rangers moved towards the door of Jason's room. Tommy grabbed the cold door knob and slowly opened it. Inside the room was a bed with Jason in a patient's gown and covered with a couple of blankets. He had an IV in his right arm which was hooked up to a machine. He opened his eyes and smiled as he saw Tommy.

Tommy broke a smile again as he saw Jason. "Hey man, how are you holding up?" Tommy asked.

Jason said, "Like I took a sword to the chest."

By now the rest of the rangers had entered the room. Everyone circled around Jason's bed as he looked up at all his friends. Zack asked, "So when you gonna get up out of there and get back to kick monster butt?"

"The doc says I ought to take it easy. Says I could start bleeding again if I'm not careful. So it might be a while," Jason said.

Kimberly said, "We will have to make sure to keep an eye on you in case Rita sends another monster here."

Jason pushed that thought away and said, "Lets hope she doesnt."

Tommy said, "It looks like the Dragonzord will be putting in some major over time."

"Sorry man," Jason said as he looked at Tommy. "The rangers will be really needing you."

Billy looked down at his teacher laying in the bed; injured and weak. His mind went back to the battle. He wished he could have done more to help Jason. Billy was snapped away from his thoughts as Jason looked at him and said, "Billy, bud, what are you thinking about?"

Billy's forehead wrinkled as he said, "I was just...wishing I could have done more to help."

Jason grined and spoke, "I saw what you did out there."

"I know...I failed," Billy muttered as he hung his head.

"No man," Jason said. "You ran out there and took those blasts. If you hadn't done that, I would even be in here at this moment. You saved my life."

Billy looked at Jason. He couldn't find the breath to say anything. His teacher and leader, was thanking him for saving his life. Billy felt as if he had in fact, accomplished something. Billy couldn't help but get that nerdy little smile on his face.

His smile faded as he said, "I still failed against that golden soldiar."

Jason said, "You did fine up to the point that his sword turned to flames."

"I lost my focus. I got worried. I panicked," Billy said.

Jason said, "Hey, it happens. No one is perfect."

"Learn from your mistake. So next time you won't do that again," Trini said.

Billy nodded and said, "I won't let you down again."

"You haven't let me down at all. However, you are letting your confidence fall. Without confidence, your just opening up for defeat," Jason said.

Billy felt better. He would just learn from his mistake. The next time he came face to face in a situation that frightened him, he would keep calm. Zack said, "And with Rita's soldiar, that chance to try again probably won't be long."

At that moment, everyone's communicator's went off. By now, the tune had become quite catchy. Tommy looked in the direction of the door and walked over and closed it. He pressed a button on the side of his communicator and spoke into it, "Whats up Zordon?"

Zordon's voice came loud and clear as he said, "We are monitoring the entire city. I feel that Rita will put her plan into motion now that Jason's is injured."

"Maybe I should come back and help with that," Billy said.

Zordon said, "Yes, I believe it would be best if you all came back, so that we can all be ready. Jason, you lie and get better. Your fellow rangers will handle everything."

Jason spoke up, "I don't think I have a choice."

Everyone took a few steps back as they prepared to teleport. "Get better Jason," Kimberly said.

Jason nodded as he watched his friends fade into five colors and disappear. Once his room was empty, he turned and looked out the window. He already felt left out but he knew that they could handle anything that was thrown at them.

It was then, that Jason realized just how tired he was. He closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep.
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