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Name: Aria
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Dreamer Furret
Allegiance: The Circle
Appearance: No matter what she does to it, Aria's fur always has a ragged, worn look to it. Even if she spent the whole day grooming, her fur will always look tattered, so Aria doesn't bother to try and style it much anymore, which does not help at all to improve its look. However, her tail is sleek and shining, so she makes it a point to carry her tail high in the air for fear of diverting it. Aria has wide, clear blue eyes which never seem to blink or shift positions, much like an owl's. Looking into her eyes too long has an almost hypnotic effect. Aria always looks like she's trying not to smile, despite how somber she may feel.

Personality: Aria is quiet, rarely speaking if she can help it. Rather, she sings or hums to herself almost constantly. Through practice, her singing voice has become lovely and flowing in spite of her age. Aria is extremely secretive, refusing to divulge information to most everyone she hasn't known for a very, very long time. Aria is open to tears and despises rough or callous behavior. If hurt, she is known to shun the offender for days, weeks, or even months-Aria possesses mountains of persistence and will never fail to use it if the situation arises. When Aria says "I'm not talking to you", she means it, though you won't usually detect any difference from being ignored and her usual demeanor. Aria never sings on request, believing she is mediocre at best.

Background: Aria lived in an abusive family. Consistently hit or verbally abused, Aria often tried to sneak off in the night, failing each time. Her mother only gave her just enough food, and her father refused to have anything to do with her. She never met her sister, who was hatched a full 8 years before her, and Aria' s brother took it upon himself to play cruel 'jokes' on her, leaving Aria almost always in tears. Even a few Pokemon living nearby joined in, following and putting down Aria constantly. Aria became depressed and even tried to commit suicide a few times at one point or another, backing down at the last moment or being caught each time. Unfortunately, other Pokemon didn't find out about all this until she was already a Furret.

Aria was taken away to live in a foster family, where Aria, not feeling as though she was wanted or needed, still refused to speak. She stayed up late to view the dreams of others, developing dark half-circles beneath her eyes, her fur taking on Aria' s characteristic unkempt look. Never answering when questioned about them, Aria was taken to counseling for her 'sleep problem'. Her counselor, Persian, managed to force Aria to answer written questions and even had Aria sleep one night in a clinic for monitoring, where she pretended to sleep the whole night. When no results were found, Aria was sent back, exhausted from not even dozing the whole night.

Thus, Aria decided to sleep a full night for once. Bad idea. Aria, despite rarely talking whilist awake, speaks at length in her sleep. This night, she cried out in her sleep, attracting the attention of her family. Upon listening to her give a long, descriptive monolouge about entering dreams, along with examples from previous nights, they decided enough was enough and woke Aria to question her. She confirmed all their claims wholeheartedly, thinking, alas, for her whole life that it was normal. When it became clear that she was being followed by a few certain Pokemon on her excursions outside (And even a few times outside her window at night) a deep fear set in. She asked her foster family about the Pokemon, they denied seeing any of them. Aria, in a panic, ran away into a nearby forest, hoping they would leave her alone. A few days after fleeing, Aria braved a visit into town and happened on a member of the Circle, who spirited her away for good to The Circle.

Other: I will take immediate action if anything is wrong, so please tell me if anything is!

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