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Default Re: Mara Region [Fakedex and other stuff]

I'm going to critique some of your designs, and also draw attention to something I noticed while browsing your fakedex; it seems like you have gotten a lot of "inspiration" from another project, Pokemon Acanthite. In particular, the Pokemon that they have crafted appear to have some congruities with yours. Their pokedex can be viewed here. If somebody else has already posted about this, or you are in some way affiliated with them, or I've just overlooked something (because I only read the first few pages), then I apologize.

I will say that I do like the grass and fire starter lines (especially the grass types, although they are a lot like the new grass/goat Pokemon in the 6'th generation, but you probably made yours before Gogoat and whatever it was were public, so I'll let you off on that count), and the names that you have picked out for many of these are pretty clever, so I'll praise you for that. However, the water starters are a bit suspect. Take a look at the water starter from Acanthite, No. 500 in their pokedex. The name and concept are both pretty similar from what I can see.

The Flying/Ghost types don't sit well with me. They're dark colored birds with a skull and crossbones on their chest. If anything, they should be Flying/Dark, since they don't seem to bear any features suggestive of a ghost-type. Maybe you thought the color scheme would be enough to justify that typing, but if we were to go by that logic, Corphish should be a Fire-type, and Lugia would be a Water-type.

Also, your new type, the "cyber" type, is also pretty similar to the "Virus" type that Acanthite uses. Obviously both are man-made types, and are based on computers and such things.

The Glimmy line also seems to be adapted from the Halove line of Acanthite's.

Wallapby also draws my concern. It is a fighting type based on a kangaroo (which, granted, is a concept that I've seen in several Fakemon, not just those made by Acanthite), and the name is almost identical to Wallopy, the first in its evolution line (also a fighting-type kangaroo).

Some of these Pokemon, on the other hand, feel very uninspired, the most prominent to me being the Leo/Leona line. To be frank, they don't appear to be anything more than a cartoon lion and lioness. Dodo, Lemoor, and Gazall, among others, are also big offenders for having a plain, one-dimensional design.

I will praise you for the ideas behind the Fossil Pokemon. It's a really cool idea to use some recently extinct species, and is definitely a refreshing shift from the dinosaur/cambrian/devonian era themes we've seen, although, again, the concepts could have been executed better.

The Ticktock line is definitely not among my favorites, either. Tick is an alright, even good concept, but the other two don't seem be anything special; they just have clocks stamped on their bodies. Hell, if you took away the colors and the clock, you would probably never guess that those Pokemon were even related. This line was, in my opinion, a waste of potential. Something like a big, grandfather clock Pokemon would have been a great continuation of the line.

There are some other interesting lines, like Shoppard, but their evolutions bring very minute changes, and it arguably would have been better off as a stand-alone. The Deevly, Glimmy, and Stalactyke lines also stand out to me for the same reasons. I also dislike the Glimmy line because it is way too human-esque, glamora in particular.

The Champion design just looks like Flannery with more bells and whistles.

Treetop Town. Miles above the ground? Maybe try sea level. I know that it's Pokemon, but unless your region happens to have a race of mega trees for whatever hippy reason, I would rethink that description.

Overall, there is a lot of things that I think you should work on if you want to make your project stand out, and impress people. I think there is some potential in these ideas, but you're going to need to make some modifications. Don't feel bad, because these can be worked out, but you're going to have to rethink some of these concepts if you want to make them successful. Thanks for reading.
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