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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

OOC: Glad to be back in RPing. :D

IC: “It’s okay.” Ashley chuckled in response before she and Caroline left the bathroom, the latter lacing her fingers with Kiseki’s.

“When are you going to tell him?” She asked the brunette.

“Right now.” Ashley answered with a sigh, taking a deep breath and walking out of the room. Kiseki watched her go for a few moments longer before Caroline’s voice drew his attention back to her.

“You’re nosey.” She laughed, bringing the dark haired teen to do the same in response before he was pulled into a kiss. He quickly gave into it, temporarily putting aside his excitement about a new addition to the family as he returned the kiss.

Back in the library, Ichiru was focused on a book Aiden was showing him until an arm wrapping around his own drew both his and the Original’s attention away and to the brunette now standing beside him. He smiled and greeted her just before she gave him a kiss on the cheek, then turning her attention to the others.

“I need to steal Ichiru away from you guys for a few minutes.”

“Bring him back in one piece.” Stefan commented, and Ichiru smirked while Ashley playfully rolled her eyes.

“I don’t think I would mind being brought back in pieces.” He remarked, mostly to Ashley, as he was gently pulled out of the library. When they were in the living room, he noticed Ashley take a deep breath, and traces of concern came into his expression.

“What’s wrong?” For a moment he feared that something had happened, but before his worry could grow anymore, the brunette sighed and finally spoke again.

“Ichiru… I’m preg-“ She stopped mid-sentence, and Ichiru looked at her in confusion.

“Preg..?” He was just about to reach the realization of what she meant, but a negative feeling suddenly came over him, and the concerned expression from a few moments ago returned to his face. At the same time, the rest of the group that had been in the library quickly filed out into the living room.

“Do you feel that?” Abigail’s voice entered the room as she quickly descended the stairs to stand next to her parents. Her hands were already encircled by the blue energy she was drawing from the glowing necklace she wore.

“I did.” Kevin was the first to respond, though Ichiru also nodded to his daughter’s question.

“What’s going on?” Upon returning from the mall with Damon, Mason and Kol seconds later, Diana was the first of the group to speak.

“I don’t know.” Ashley responded with a shake of her head, though mere seconds later, a familiar scent struck Ichiru, and his eyes widened almost simultaneously with Ashley’s

“Scarlet’s blood.” Kol identified the source before the rest of them could. Ichiru was one of the first to move toward the front door, but stopped when it suddenly burst open, revealing Klaus standing on the other side with a bloody and unconscious Scarlet in his arms.

The sound of the door followed by Abigail’s yell alerted Kiseki back upstairs, who quickly headed for the staircase with Caroline.

“What happened?” Ashley demanded.

“Vampires attacked her.” Klaus quickly explained. “I healed her wounds so she’ll be okay.”

“Vampires attacked her?” Kotomi questioned. “I thought we were the only Vampires here?”

“Maybe they were just passing through?” Caroline suggested as she came hurrying down the stairs, Kiseki right behind her.

“I don’t think so.” Klaus shook his head. “This attack seemed too planned out, as if Scarlet was an intentional target.”

“Klaus is right.” Scarlet spoke weakly as she slowly opened her eyes. “Those Vampires want both me and Abigail dead because our blood makes Klaus’ Hybrids. They told me at the high school.”

“See what you’ve done!” Abigail suddenly shouted at Klaus. “Thanks to you, Scarlet and I are in constant danger! Vampires are coming after us now!”

Ichiru started to say something, but Klaus responded before he could.

“I won’t let them hurt you.”

“Oh, really?” Abigail challenged. “Well you’re doing such a great job.”

“Leave him alone, Abby.” Scarlet locked eyes with her sister as she spoke. “This isn’t his fault.”

“How can you say that?” Abigail growled. “You’re always defending him! I’m so sick of it!” With that, she stormed up to her room and slammed her bedroom door so loudly that it left an echo, bring a tense silence to fall over the group. Normally Aiden would have made a comment to try and lighten the mood, but it didn’t seem like a good idea to do so now.

“Can I take a shower and rest?” Scarlet broke this silence with a question, which Ashley agreed to, and, with Caroline’s help, led the teen up the stairs after Klaus put her down.

After a brief exchange with Damon and Mason, Klaus left, his last statement about war sending Aiden and the twins into a tense silence. At the realization of the new danger awaiting the youngest members of the group, a certain fact sprung up in Kiseki’s mind. He had just learned that Ashley was pregnant again, and now the children that she and Ichiru already had were in danger. The threat of a Supernatural war loomed over them, and that was certainly not an environment to nurture a baby.

The dark haired teen’s hand somehow managed to find Caroline’s as his mind continued to race with worry, his fingers lacing with hers tensely.

Ichiru sensed his brother’s anxiety and looked at him in question, though when he did, Ashley’s words - or rather, what she had been trying to say before Klaus had arrived with Scarlet - came back to mind. If she had been intending to say what he thought, then the situation was all the more dangerous.
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