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Default Re: That Pokemon you want...

Grass/Ghost - Jack-o-lantern Pokémon, preferably with Flash Fire ability
Rock/Dragon - Base it off the horny toad, or an ankylosaurus, or both.
Grass/Dragon - I wish Serperior had been this, maybe they'll retcon it now that Dragon typing is less impressive? I can hope.
Poison/Steel - I'd like a radioactive drum that evolves into a full cooling tower. Sort of like a hermit crap, where the drum and tower are the shell on top, and the radioactive material forms their bodies below? White Smoke ability would be cool.
Ghost/Normal - Mokumokuren/Canvas Pokémon. Trace ability, learns sketch as an egg move (so only one). Other than that it would have badish stats and movepool.
Dark/Bug - Any new spider, maybe one with bounce instead of spider web? Iunno.
Fire/Grass - Hot Pepper Pokémon, something like these:

Others types:

Other specific Pokémon:
Dragon-type Eeveelution (to partner Sylveon)
Banette evolution
Skarmory pre-evolution
Dunsparce evolution

Also, to everybody wanting Psychic/Grass, what don't you like about Celebi, Exeggcute, and Exeggutor?
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