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Default Re: Sprite Requests (request sprites here or in a shop)

I wish to see the following get made:

Recolor of Jigglypuff (any unique color at all)
Shadow Accelgor
A fusion of Accelgor, Hitmonlee, Speed Deoxys and Sawk
Molly Hale trainer sprites (all forms)
Trainer (BW2-style) sprites of the following anime/game/manga characters: Trip, Lovrina, Wes, Rui, Paul, Bulla (Dragon Ball GT; in that red outfit of hers), Ashley Ketchum (looking just like Ash's girl's disguise, only it's a real girl), Richie, Casey, Kelly, Drew, Masquerade (Bakugan), Spectra Phantom (Bakugan; both Pyrus outfit and Darkus outfit), Sir Aaron, Nando, Francesca, Tory Lund, Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!; Battle City outfit), Kikyo (Inuyasha), Anubias (Bakugan), Sellon (Bakugan), Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, Atilla, Hun, Domino/Black Tulip, Temacu, Corey, Neesha, Fergus and Carlita
Pokemon Trainer sprites of the following in their new outfits: Ash (both B&W and the upcoming X&Y), May, Dawn, Max and Molly Hale (young and current)
Pokemon Trainer sprites of my following Pokemon OCs: Kruger, Trey Ketchum, Dylan Spencer, and Team Rocket Galactic (one by one, each in a unique pose)
Trey Ketchum's Pikachu (seen in the Trey Ketchum image)
Kaiba's Charizard based on the Blue Eyes White Dragon

NOTE: Trey Ketchum is an adult and, in my fanfics, the long-lost husband of Delia Ketchum.

Originally Posted by Rajaion Tagami View Post
Hello, I would like to request twelve sprites: Voltorb disguised as a Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Ball and Electrode in the same disguises. The red regions are what I would like to be changed and both front and back sprites would be lovely. thank you and happy spriting!
Those I'd love to see!

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