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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Grocery Store
Affected RPers: Dark Amethyst, Kei Ochima

A fight soon followed Dustyn's surrender, which involved the two other men. Soon all the company members laid dead. One of the men asked if he was alright, and made jokes about first impressions.

"Truth be told, better now than I have been for a while." Dustyn said, "They have chased me from LA, and I thought I would be safe in the crowd. Turns out I was wrong."

Dustyn was quiet for a second, but noticed the wounds on the two men's faces from the glass.

"I'm Dustyn," Dustyn said, "Sorry about the glass. I am telekinetic, though when the adrenaline kicks in it becomes explosive and uncontrollable, an unrelenting force. (OOC: Skyrim Joke XD)"

Dustyn heard more sirens coming from the front of the building, and saw more people walk in, who hadn't noticed them yet. They were searching the store.

"This place has to have a back door?" Dustyn said, "We should use it. I don't think the company are going to be too friendly after the killing."

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