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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13


“It’s okay.” Ashley responded to Ichiru with a small smile. “I’m sure The Company would have caught up with us since there’s so many of them in the city. It’s probably a good thing that you came up to us, actually.” She chuckled and looked down for a few moments before continuing. “If you hadn’t come up to us at the bagel shop then you would still be working for The Company right now, and not even know what they had done to your parents.” Ichiru‘s gaze met hers as he looked back up shortly after she did, and after a few moments he was forced to look away. “Everything happens for a reason, so maybe you were meant to come up to me and my brother. Maybe you were finally meant to know the truth.”

Ichiru was quiet, although it was clear that he had heard and been affected by the brunette’s words. After a few moments of silence he noticed Ashley wince in pain and quickly turned his head to look at her just as a vase in the kitchen suddenly shattered.

The dark haired teen was instantly alert, but when he realized it was only a result of Ashley’s abilities, he relaxed. The light in the apartment decreased considerably after Ashley put down the shades of all of the windows, and with a wave of her hand, the glass in the floor that Ichiru was considering offering to clean up or at least help were consumed by shadows and moved to the trashcan.

“I really hate this hangover… the next time I try to drink then you have full permission to knock me unconscious.”

Ichiru chuckled at Ashley’s words as she sat next to him on the couch.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” A playful smirk came onto his face then, and he added, “Though I have to admit it would be hard to resist letting you go, considering the entertaining aftermath. I’m sure you’re loads of fun when you’re drunk.”

New York City > Grocery store

After an unsuccessful search for the cause of the huge mushroom cloud before (or perhaps she had merely become discouraged too quickly from her unfruitful attempts), Reina headed back toward the woods that she had run into Ichiru in not too long ago. Of course he would no longer be there, which brought her to continue back into the city. Really the only thing she could do was return home, but somehow she just couldn’t do that. Not when there was obviously something big going on.

A loud crash drew her attention to a nearby alley, where she saw a young man dash out and into the nearest building - which happened to be the grocery store. Moments later, several men from The Company emerged and charged into the store.

Reina stopped walking for a moment as she was struck with flashbacks of the incident a few years ago. Of course, said incident had been with a robber instead of men from The Company, but she had been pursued just as fervently all the same.

Shaking off the bad memories and nervousness, the white haired teen ran into the store just as gunshots pierced the air.

Kiseki and Reina
Grocery store

“This life does have major risks,” Jeremy agreed. “But at least we’re free to make our own decisions. I would rather die by being free against The Company than work with them and be controlled of my actions. I don’t mind living this life; always on the run and looking over our shoulders… at least it isn’t boring. It always keeps me on my toes.”

Kiseki smiled in response to the other male’s words, but before he could say anything in response, a shout rang out in the store.

"There he is! I see him!"

“Crap…” He heard Jeremy growl from beside him, although when the members of The Company appeared, the guns that they held weren‘t pointed at Jeremy or himself, but at another young man nearby who had just arrived moments before to look through the cakes.

"You guys might want to get out of here!" He said to them seconds before a horde of bullets went racing toward him. Kiseki started to move and try to help him instinctively, but the other male stopped the bullets with what was probably telekinesis and sent the gun flying to the other end of the store.

A sudden burst of energy nearly knocked Kiseki off of his feet, the only thing that saved him from it was the fact that it dissipated just before he lost his balance. One of The Company members was sent flying, as well as the shopping cart Jeremy had. The glass on the freezer door nearby shattered, and once again Kiseki instinctively summoned his abilities in an attempt to stop them. Several shards were halted in mid-air, but some still managed to slip by, and thanks to his shielding his face he only received a gash or two on his arms. A glance beside him as he released the shards and let them drop to the floor revealed that Jeremy had been struck on the cheek.

Three more men ran over and aimed their guns at the other male, but this time he merely held his hands up in surrender. However, Jeremy had other ideas.

“I don’t think so.” Blue lightening crackled around the teen’s hands, and he shot a beam of it at one of the members. Though he had expected it, Kiseki froze when seeing the victim’s body explode from the impact.

After a reminder to the others that Jeremy was meant to be captured alive, the remaining members of The Company put away their guns and instead switched to using their abilities. One of them exhibited lightning speed as he dashed over and grabbed Jeremy from behind. This finally snapped Kiseki out of his shock, and he started to attack the man, but Jeremy’s body suddenly became engulfed in blue electricity, and the assailant was instantly fried.

“You and your sister never kill people!” It was obvious the remaining member was afraid when he yelled at the younger male.

“Yeah well my sister isn’t here at the moment. She’s the one who always restrains me.” After responding, Jeremy shifted his gaze to Kiseki. “Do you want to take this guy out or should I? Remember what The Company did to your parents, Kiseki.”

The dark haired teen was hesitant at first, although the mention of his newly-learned revelation finally provoked flashbacks in his mind. He remembered that he hadn’t been completely unconscious when The Company had brought him downstairs that day. He had seen both of his parents, lying dead on the floor.

Seeing the blood and body parts littering the floor and even a few unfortunate shelves that had been nearby in addition to the images in his mind seemed to make something snap, and his emerald eyes flashed with rage as he locked them on the remaining member of The Company. He focused his attention on his heart, using his abilities to reverse the blood flow and cut off the oxygen to his lungs.

The man suddenly froze, and seconds later he began to show signs of a struggle to breathe. Kiseki kept his gaze locked on him in an almost emotionless fashion, but when the look of fear on the other male’s face registered, his concentration was broken, and the hold on him released. The expression of rage disappeared from Kiseki’s face, and one that couldn’t quite be named replaced it.

The Company member realized he had been released, and after he had regained his breath and composure, wasted no time in charging toward Kiseki. However, an icy wind suddenly whipped past them, and blocks of ice formed around his feet, stopping him in place.

“Don’t show him any mercy.”

A soft but firm voice called Kiseki’s attention to a familiar white haired girl standing a few feet away.

“He certainly won’t show any to the three of you, so don’t feel guilty about it.” She locked eyes with Kiseki, the sapphire color in them beginning to take on a dim cyan glow. “If you don’t do it, I will. He can‘t be allowed to live.”

Kiseki shifted his gaze back to the man, and couldn’t keep himself from feeling sorry for him. However, the longer he looked at him, the more that expression of fear seemed fake. Judging from how he had attacked him the instant he released his hold, it more than likely was.

This realization sparked the fighting spirit again, and once more Kiseki locked an emotionless gaze on the man. The signs of troubled breathing returned, but this time Kiseki didn’t let up. The longer he focused on the man, the worse his condition became. After a few more moments, his skin began to turn blue from lack of oxygen, and after coughing up a mouthful of blood or two, he became completely still.

Kiseki released his hold on him and stumbled a little before regaining his composure. The icy wind that had surrounded them disappeared as Reina relaxed as well, giving a soft sigh of relief. She cautiously approached the trio, taking care to avoid the mess on the floor as Kiseki held his head for a few moments. She said nothing more, simply standing near Jeremy quietly as the dark haired teen collected himself. She felt strange for suddenly appearing like she had and then sticking around afterward, but now that her suspicions about something going on had been confirmed, she couldn’t leave. Not to mention the fact that Kiseki had been fighting with The Company was evidence that he and possibly Ichiru as well had turned on The Company. She had promised Ichiru that should that ever happen, she would help them, and she intended to keep that promise.

Once Kiseki had recovered, he couldn’t help but let out a shaky chuckle, and after thanking Reina for her help, looked at the young man nearby.

“Are you okay? I’m sure we’ve all made a heck of a first impression…”

OOC: Sorry for randomly throwing Reina in there, but I had to find a way to get her back in. xD
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