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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

New York City

“It’s okay… it’s mostly just the shock of it, considering I’ve thought the complete opposite was the truth all this time. Despite what we knew being completely wrong, the fact that our parents have been dead since we were children still remained, so even though remembering the event opened up an old scar, I guess the pain isn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.” Ichiru responded after a few moments, though fell quiet again before lifting his gaze to Ashley. “I’m sorry I dragged you into this mess. If I hadn’t approached you in the bagel shop, you and Jeremy probably wouldn’t have been discovered.”

“It’s okay.” Ashley said with a small smile. “I’m sure The Company would have caught up with us since there’s so many of them in the city. It’s probably a good thing that you came up to us, actually.” Ashley chuckled as she looked down for a few moments. “If you hadn’t come up to us at the bagel shop then you would still be working for The Company right now, and not even know what they had done to your parents.” She looked back up at the dark haired teen. “Everything happens for a reason, so maybe you were meant to come up to me and my brother. Maybe you were finally meant to know the truth.”

An excruciating headache suddenly pierced through Ashley’s head as she slightly winced in pain, her fingers massaging her temples just as a vase in the kitchen suddenly shattered from her abilities, the brunette quickly looking over towards it.

“Damn it.” Ashley growled as she stood up and put the shades down on all of the windows to block out the sunlight, her eyes being extremely sensitive at the moment.

With a wave of her hand the shards of glass suddenly got consumed by shadows and rose up on their own, the pieces gracefully putting themselves into the trashcan as Ashley sat next to Ichiru on the couch.

“I really hate this hangover… the next time I try to drink then you have full permission to knock me unconscious.”

New York City

“They always made it seem like the people in The Company had it best, but it looks like you guys are living better than any of us did.” Kiseki responded with a chuckle. “Now that I think about it, this is the first time I’ve been in a grocery store in a long time… This kind of life may have more risks, but it already seems like more fun.”

“This life does have major risks,” Jeremy agreed. “But at least we’re free to make our own decisions. I would rather die by being free against The Company than work with them and be controlled of my actions. I don’t mind living this life; always on the run and looking over our shoulders… at least it isn’t boring. It always keeps me on my toes.” Jeremy chuckled.

Jeremy’s attention shifted over towards a nearby young man who was looking at the cakes, though something nagged Jeremy that something wasn’t right. His suspicions were confirmed just as pounding footsteps could be heard heading in their direction.

"There he is! I see him!"

“Crap…” Jeremy growled, though the guns which the members from The Company wielded weren’t pointing at him or Kiseki. They were pointing towards the guy who had been looking at the cakes.

"You guys might want to get out of here!" Dustyn said to them as Jeremy stared at him in confusion, his body unmoving. A whole bunch of bullets went racing towards Dustyn as Jeremy gasped, though the other young man stopped them with his telekinesis, the gun then thrown to the other end of the store.

A sudden burst of energy nearly sent Jeremy off his feet as he quickly focused his electricity to his legs and stood securely on the ground, one of The Company members being sent flying ,as well as the shopping cart Jeremy had. The glass to the freezer door shattered, Jeremy quickly closing his eyes just as a shard left a deep gash on his left cheek, warm blood oozing from the wound and dripping on the floor.

Three more men ran over to Dustyn and aimed their guns at him, to which Jeremy growled. He watched as the kid put his hands up as to surrender, though Jeremy wasn’t going to give up easily as he smirked.

“I don’t think so.” Jeremy said as blue lightning suddenly circled his hands and shot a beam of it right at one of the members, The Company’s member’s body suddenly exploding from the impact as blood and body parts flew everywhere.

“It’s Jeremy Bennett!” One of the men said, their guns leaving Dustyn and aiming at Jeremy.

“Don’t kill him, remember? We have orders for him to be alive!” The other member shouted. Their guns were then put away so they could use their abilities instead as one of the members used lightning speed and grabbed Jeremy from behind, locking his arm around Jeremy’s neck and applying pressure to try and make him fall unconscious.

“Big mistake!” Jeremy hissed, allowing his entire body to be consumed in blue and white lightning which instantly fried the man choking him, his body falling to the ground.

“You and your sister never kill people!” The other member from The Company said to Jeremy, the member trying to hide his fear.

“Yeah well my sister isn’t here at the moment. She’s the one who always restrains me.” Jeremy responded before looking over towards Kiseki. “Do you want to take this guy out or should I? Remember what The Company did to your parents, Kiseki.”

New York City

"So where is your apartment Caroline?" Blaise asked Caroline, the curly blonde loving the car. "you mentioned before wanting to pick some stuff up?"

“It’s not too far away from here, actually.” Caroline responded. “Once you get out of the parking lot then take a left. I’ll just direct you on which streets to turn.”

Once Caroline got to her apartment complex she walked up to her own apartment and took off her necklace she was wearing, the end of the necklace having a key dangling from it. She unlocked the door and stepped inside, the curly blonde leaving the door open as she put the necklace securely back around her neck. The first place she walked to was the kitchen where she gathered her laptop and put it in a pink case she had bought for it, then setting it on the couch before making her way to her bedroom.

After opening her closet she pulled out a short glacier blue sundress and stripped off her shirt, Caroline’s back facing the opened bedroom door as she carefully slipped on the dress. Once the dress was securely on she slipped off the shorts she was wearing and replaced them with another pair of shorts, that way if a gust of wind came then only her shorts would show when the short dress blew with the wind. The spaghetti straps covered her bra straps, Caroline deciding to just keep on her black Converse sneakers as she took out a backpack and began to fill it with clothes.

Caroline walked back into the living room and placed the backpack next to her laptop before disappearing yet again, this time going into her bathroom. In a shoulder bag she packed her shampoo, soaps, feminine hygiene products, shaving razors, her hairbrush and toothbrush, a blow-dryer, hair straightener and a curling iron. After grabbing a roll of a hundred dollar bills which she kept hidden in the bathroom’s cabinet Caroline was finally ready to leave, the blonde walking into the living room.

“I’m ready.” Caroline said as she hung her backpack over her shoulder and grabbed her laptop. Her gaze briefly fell on a photo she had of her and Alex, the blonde desperate to build a relationship with her brother again.
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