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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Blaise and Ella
Affected RPers: Kei Ochima

*Check my profile for bunnying permission for Caroline.

When Caroline was ready to head down to the car park, Blaise helped her into her wheelchair, and wheeled her out the door, Ella following close behind her, closing the door as they left.

Ella had already read Blaise's mind, and knew what he wanted to show them, but pretended she didn't. She knew he was excited, and didn't want to spoil it.
They found themselves at the carpark, and stood before the car with the grey cover over it.

"When I met you guys, a company agent came by my place. A shapeshifter called Steph. She disguised herself as me, but my partners guessed, and took her out. She is currently tied up and gagged in the apartment I lived in until this morning." Blaise explained, "One of my partners found the keys to this, and took all the bugs, and tracking devices from it. That and has done some hacking for me. The car is now mine."

Blaise pulled off the cover, showing the two girls the red GTR.

"You two up for a drive?" Blaise asked. Ella nodded excitedly and jumped in the backseat, and Blaise helped Caroline get into the front.

Blaise made his way to the drivers seat, and got in, turning the keys to start the car.

"So where is your apartment Caroline?" Blaise asked, "you mentioned before wanting to pick some stuff up?"

Grocery Store
Affected RPers: Dark Amethyst, Kei Ochima (same store)

Dustyn sat in the bus, as it drove along 5th Avenue, in New York City. He had arrived earlier that morning, and thanked the truck driver for the lift. Since he had been seen in the clothes he was in, he got changed into the other clothes that were in his bag.

He was driving south, and had passed 70th street, and next to him was an old man with a radio, listening to the news. Suddenly something the reporter said stood out to him.

"In traffic news, traffic along 5th avenue, 73rd street and north, has been congested all morning, due to mandatory vehicle searches by the company."

Dustyn flinched at the sound of this and instantly pressed the button that signalled he would be departing at the next stop. The bus continued going, and Dustyn could see the outpost for the company. It was what he had feared. The stop was after the search point.

"What are your thoughts on the company?" Dustyn asked the old man sitting next to him.
"Bunch of idiots." He barked, "There would be so many attacks by specials if they left them alone."

Dustyn looked the man in the eyes and lowered his voice.

"Well you might want to move seats before the search." Dustyn said. The man was slightly shocked by what he heard, and moved seats, down near the front, and began conversing with the bus driver, occasionally looking back at Dustyn.

The bus stopped and two armed men walked onto the bus. They got to the back and looked at Dustyn. One of them had a strange look on his face, and whispered to the other, as Dustyn felt his pulse speed up. He held his breath, ready to fight.

"You are under arrest," the man began to say before the boom.

The telekinetic blast knocked out the window and a section of the bus wall. The two men were knocked into seats across the isle, and Dustyn heard the old man cheer.

Dustyn ran off the bus, and into an alley, as more men from the search point began to chase him. He ran past a a dumpster and used his telekinesis to move it into the Center of the alley. Moving an object such as that hurt his head, but he had a plan. The pulse sped up, and this time he concentrated the blast behind him. The blast sent the dumpster flying towards the men, knocking them down
Dustyn ran out of the alley, and into the first building he saw, which was a grocery store.

He stopped running and walked around the store attempting to be inconspicuous. He took off his jacket and swapped it for something else in his bag, and pretended to look at the cakes. There were two boys around his age (Jeremy and Kiseki), with a trolley, who had just put an ice cream cake in.

Dustyn pretended to look at the labels of the cakes, until he heard someone shout.

"There he is! I see him!"

One of the armed men ran towards him, aiming his gun.

"You guys might want to get out of here!" Dustyn said to them. The man pulled the trigger and sent a spray of bullets at Dustyn, who stopped them with his telekinesis, then grabbed the gun and threw it to the other end of the store.

He felt his pulse speed up again, and he knew he was going to lose control. There was a boom, and the armed man was sent flying away, as were the contents of the two boys trolley. Glass surrounded him, from the shattered display fridge doors.

Three more men ran over to Dustyn and aimed their guns at him. Dustyn knew that he would need a miracle to escape this, and raised his arms, showing a sign of surrender, and took deep breaths, making sure there wasn't another blast.

Bad post is bad, since it is late. But yay, Dustyn is back!

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