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Another very good option here is scizor. Flygon can be replaced by scizor because scizor can also be used as a late game sweeper. Flygons movepool isn't that big but when using scizor one should know that he only has a handfull of viable moves in the 3d gen. If flygon is replaced, magneton gets a part of his duty: taking thunderbolts from zapdos, but this shouldn't be a very big problem. Scizor can be a very scary late game sweeper after an agility and a swords dance. This is ( my opinion ) the best set. Scizor @leftovers ev's: 252 att, 156 speed, 100 hp.
-swords dance
-silver wind
-steel wing/hp rock ( i like using steel wing )

Double boosting scizor is very dangerous indeed, but don't be to greedy and switch out when needed ( scizor doesn't take a fire blast, not even from a fire type as bad as macargo ), so switch into suicune in those occasions.

Hope my advice was usefull
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