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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

“Looks like I’m staying here, then.” Ichiru responded as he looked over towards Ashley with a smirk, bringing her to playfully smile.

“Fine by me.” Ashley responded.

“Don’t do something stupid and get yourself hurt.” Ichiru said to Kiseki as Ashley chuckled.

“I won’t, I won’t.” Kiseki responded, his tone bringing Jeremy to laugh as he shoved the list in his pocket and grabbed his car keys. “Same to you; don’t do anything stupid while we’re gone.”

Ashley and Jeremy saw Ichiru’s composure faltered a bit. The group laughed, Kiseki turning his attention to Jeremy.

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Okay.” Jeremy walked over to the door and opened it, leaving it open for Kiseki to walk through as Jeremy looked back over towards his sister. “Please behave.”

“Don’t I always?” Ashley responded playfully as she lifted up her hand and let shadows dance around her palms like fire, Jeremy playfully rolling his eyes before closing and locking the door.

“I’ll get apartment keys made for you and Ichiru tomorrow.” Jeremy said to Kiseki as he led the teen down to the parking garage where a black SUV could be seen, Jeremy getting into the car and waiting for Kiseki before bringing the engine to life with a key and left the apartment.

The drive to the large store didn’t take long, Jeremy parking the car and walking into the store after getting a grocery cart. Inside the large store was an ATM near the bathrooms, to which Jeremy casually walked over and parked the cart by the side of it. The teen coolly began to press buttons with his right hand while keeping his left on the side of the machine as if he were simply leaning on it, though in reality Jeremy was controlling the machine from the inside with his left hand. After taking out six hundred dollars Jeremy placed the money in his wallet and slipped it into his pocket, his gaze then shifting over towards Kiseki with a small smirk.

“If you ever need any money then just let me know.” Jeremy then placed his hands on the shopping cart and started off by going to the fruits and vegetable section, to which Jeremy began picking out random things and putting them into the cart. “Also grab whatever you want and just put it into the cart. Don’t be afraid to put anything in there. If you see something you or Ichiru would want then just grab it. Hell, even if it’s a birthday ice cream cake.” Jeremy chuckled, his attention shifting to a nearby bakery which had a large freezer filled with ice cream cakes. “An ice cream cake actually sounds like a good idea.” The teen then went over to the freezer and picked out the largest ice cream cake there.

Back at the apartment Ashley stood up from the couch and retrieved her laptop, sitting back down and resting the machine on her lap as she pulled up a Chinese take-out restaurant website which she and Jeremy have been ordering from.

“I’m going to order a crap load of Chinese food for all of us so then we can have a buffet.” Ashley said with a small smile as she turned to Ichiru. “Chinese is Jeremy’s favorite so I need to suck up to him for getting drunk.” Ashley snickered before turning her attention back to the laptop.

After ordering a hundred dollars’ worth of food she closed her laptop and shifted a yawn, pulling out the money from her shoulder bag nearby as well as a ten dollar tip for the delivery person. Ashley glanced over towards Ichiru, shifting her body on the couch so she could look at him better.

“The sleeping situation might be a bit complicated.” Ashley admitted. “The apartment is pretty small with only two bedrooms and one couch which I’m sitting on. Sadly the couch doesn’t turn into a bed, so we need to figure out where you and Kiseki are going to sleep.”

Ashley glanced around the apartment as she was lost in thought, the brunette letting out a sigh after a few moments before looking back over towards Ichiru.

“The couch is too small for you or Kiseki to sleep on, so I think that we’re going to have to pair up and share rooms. We can buy two more beds and put one in my room and then the other in Jeremy’s room. That way you and I could share a room while Kiseki and Jeremy can share a room, or vice versa. I’ll talk to Jeremy about getting a loft that’s on the other side of Manhattan, though it won’t be for a couple of weeks because of paperwork.” Ashley chuckled and looked down, a small yawn escaping her again.

A troubled look crossed Ashley’s features however, looking back over to Ichiru with sadness clear in her eyes.

“I didn’t get a chance to say this before… I’m really sorry about what happened to your parents. What those monsters did was just horrible…” Ashley looked down, wishing that The Company could somehow be stopped.

New York City

Caroline beamed happily when Ella handed her breakfast, the blonde’s stomach growling as she dug right in after thanking Ella. The pancakes tasted absolutely wonderful, thanks to Ella’s illusion.

"Nice one Ella." Caroline heard Blaise’s voice, to which she quickly turned her head to look over towards the door.

"Thanks, can't be too careful." Ella replied, Caroline seeing Blaise walk in.

"Sorry, I should have come later," Blaise said after looking at Caroline. She would have told him it was okay, though she had food in her mouth. "I have a surprise outside to show you guys," Blaise added, "when you are ready to head out."

“I just have to eat real quickly and then take my antibiotic.” Caroline responded after swallowing her food. “Then I have to take a quick shower to wash off any dirt that got into the wounds. The shower will only take me about five minutes, and then once I smear in the cream that has to go on the stitches I’ll be ready.”

Caroline hurried with her breakfast and stood up from the couch, walking into the kitchen and putting the plate in the sink. After getting a glass of water, taking her antibiotic and rubbing her tired eyes she looked back over towards Blaise and Ella.

“I’ll be right back.” With that, Caroline disappeared into the bathroom.

After turning on the warm water and stripping down, Caroline stepped into the shower and stood underneath the waterfall, pain instantly coming from the stitched wounds as Caroline forced back a cry. A little bit of blood bled from the stitches which were normal, Caroline cursing in her head from the pain. Once Caroline quickly washed her hair and properly, but painfully, washed her wound Caroline got out of the shower and carefully dried herself, placing on the same clothes from last night that she wore since she didn’t have any of her own.

Caroline opened the bathroom door after applying the cream on her wounds as well as a bandage and walked out, her wet curls bouncing freely as she looked at Blaise and Ella.

“Do you think we could stop by my apartment real quick so I can get some of my stuff?” Caroline asked with a smile. “I need to go get some clothes, my hairbrush and toothbrush, money, my laptop and some other stuff.”
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