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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

OOC: Awwww it’s okay DA <3

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

Ashley and Jeremy watched as Ichiru and Kiseki left the apartment and closed the door, Jeremy’s attention shifting over towards his younger sister as she winced in pain from the needle.

“How are you doing with all of this?” Jeremy asked.

“I’ll be okay once the stitches are finished.” Ashley responded.

“That’s not what I meant.” Jeremy shook his head. “I mean with Ichiru and Kiseki staying here and everything. Just this morning Ichiru was trying to capture you and take you to The Company. Now they’re living with us.”

You’re the one who offered.” Ashley reminded her brother.

“I know.” Jeremy chuckled, though sighing afterwards. “They saved you, so I think we can trust them.”

“We can.” Ashley smiled, Jeremy nodding as he focused back on sewing Ashley’s finger. Once he was finished Kiseki and Ichiru walked back into the apartment safely with their belongings.

“I meant to say earlier… thank you for letting us stay here.” Ichiru spoke after closing the door.

“It means a lot, considering the circumstances.” Kiseki added with a smile. “I’m glad that we can put the past behind us so easily.”

“We need to stick together.” Ashley responded with a smile of her own, standing up from the kitchen table and walking towards the freezer. She opened it so she could grab ice to place on her finger but there was no more, bringing the brunette to sigh in frustration.

“What’s wrong?” Jeremy asked.

“There’s no more ice.” Ashley said, looking through the cabinets to see how they were on their supplies. “We actually don’t have that much food either. We only have what’s left on the counter and then a few things in the fridge.”

“I’ll go to the store then and stock up.” Jeremy announced, to which Ashley spun around.

“I’ll come with you.”

“No.” Jeremy shook his head. “You need to stay here and rest.”

“You can’t go by yourself, Jeremy.” Ashley said as she walked over towards her brother, though a spell of dizziness washed over her as she leaned towards Ichiru for support.

“You still have a hangover, plus you just need rest.” Jeremy glanced over towards Ichiru and Kiseki. “Do one of you guys want to come with me? The other can stay here with Ashley to make sure she doesn’t do anything else that’s stupid.”

“Ha ha, very funny.” Ashley said sarcastically as she walked towards her room. “I’m changing out of these clothes then.” Ashley disappeared into her room and closed the door as Jeremy sighed, shaking his head as he wrote out a list of what they needed.

“You guys are going to learn that she’s a real piece of work.” Jeremy said. “I wouldn’t blame you guys if you left one random night and never came back.” The teen chuckled, Ashley returning to the living room a few moments later in a ruffled purple t-shirt and blue and white checkered pajama shorts, looking at Ichiru and Kiseki as she sat on the couch.

“Since I’m pretty much on house arrest at the moment then which one of you is staying here to keep me entertained?” Ashley playfully smiled, to which Jeremy laughed from his sister’s playfulness.

New York City

The morning’s sunlight shined through the window and beamed right on Caroline’s eyes which woke her up, the brightness making her slightly groan as she carefully turned away from the sun. Last night Caroline woke up from a few terrifying nightmares about her brother Alex finding and killing her, resulting to dark circles to appear underneath her tired eyes. A few of the nightmares consisted of Blaise; the young man jumped in front of bullets and weapons Alex was trying to use to kill her. Last night Caroline must had saw Blaise die at least three times in her nightmares, a sight that has really shaken her up.

“They were just dreams…” Caroline told herself in a whisper, the curly blonde finally opening her eyes and stared around the room. She kept on thinking to herself that she was safe, thanks to both Ella and Blaise.

Caroline stood up from the bed and made her way towards the bathroom first, brushing and tying back her messy curls in a ponytail so she could at least look a little presentable. She doubted that she would be going anywhere today, the thought making Caroline decide to stay in her baby pink tank top and light gray pajama pants all day today. After a few more minutes in the bathroom Caroline washed her hands and opened the door, walking into the living room where she found Ella already awake.

“Hey.” Caroline beamed happily despite the fact that she was clearly tired. “Did you sleep okay on the couch? If you didn’t then I’m happy to trade so you can have your bed back.” Caroline’s stomach growled as she sat down on the couch, the blonde knowing she had to eat before taking her antibiotics but was too tired to get back up at the moment.
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