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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

OOC: So sorry for my lack of activity. There has been a lot going on that made it hard to find time to post, plus my losing motivation to write for a little while… I‘m really sorry for holding up the RP. ><

Ichiru and Kiseki
New York City

“Yeah that’s fine. You can just walk in the apartment when you come back.” Ashley responded to Ichiru’s question, and the dark haired teen nodded. “Make sure to hurry back thou- Ow! Jeremy!”

“Sorry!” Jeremy quickly responded. “You know I have to stick the needle deep in order to make good stitches.”

Kiseki appeared to be growing more bothered by the sight of the brunette in pain, and Ichiru knew that he needed to get him out of the room before he used his powers anyway. However, when Jeremy snapped his fingers to turn on the television in the living room, his attention was drawn to that. Currently a news report was being aired, saying that the city was calling in the National Guard for extra security.

The dark haired boy gave a sigh, turning away from the television and opening the door.

“We’ll be right back, then.”

His words beckoned Kiseki to follow him out into the hallway, the younger twin closing the door softly behind them.

“So do you have any plans concerning Caroline?” Ichiru attempted to strike up a conversation with his brother as the two of them walked back to their own apartment.

“Not yet… It’s kind of hard to say, really.” Kiseki responded. “I was planning to go there sometime soon and try to warn her, but if you think about it, who’s going to believe a stranger that randomly comes to your door with the news that your brother is probably coming to kill you in the next few days and that you should come with them?”

Ichiru couldn’t help but chuckle at the younger twin’s words. Kiseki didn’t seem to notice, continuing with his worried rant.

“And on top of that, in order to explain how we know that, we would have to say that we were in The Company and he told us himself!”

“You’re worrying too much.” Ichiru spoke calmly as the two of them arrived at their apartment. The older twin grew cautious as he opened the door, scanning the area for anything abnormal before entering. Afterward, he turned back to Kiseki with a smirk. “How are you so concerned about someone you’ve never spoken to?”

“I saw him shoot her…” Kiseki responded softly as the two of them separated to gather their things. “I know he’s already tried to kill her once. I couldn’t even follow to the hospital to see how everything turned out, so.. I don’t even know if she’s alive right now. But I just can’t ignore it somehow.”

“And why haven’t you thought about going back to the hospital?”

Kiseki thought back to the weird changes he had experienced while following the person who had saved Caroline.

“Something tells me she wouldn’t be there.”

Ichiru looked at him in confusion for a few moments, but didn’t question any further, instead gathering the last of his things and returning to the door to wait for Kiseki.

After he had finished getting his clothes and other necessities like his brother, Kiseki took the paper he had written Caroline’s address on and put it in his pocket. His gaze shifted to the laptop still in its bag where Ichiru had last left it.

“What about the laptop?”

“Since they were the ones to provide us with it, it probably has a tracker in it. Same with our phones. We’ll have to ditch them and get new ones.”

Kiseki gave a mere nod as he joined Ichiru at the door. After confirming that both of them had gotten everything they needed, the two returned to Ashley and Jeremy’s apartment. Even Kiseki had to admit the sudden change of events was strange, but he couldn’t say he wasn’t thankful.

“I meant to say earlier… thank you for letting us stay here.” Ichiru spoke after he had closed the door behind them again.

“It means a lot, considering the circumstances.” Kiseki said what Ichiru couldn’t, giving the two a smile. “I’m glad that we can put the past behind us so easily.”
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