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Default Re: Dark Moonlight vs. Dino


[Zan] Yanmega (M)
Ability: Tinted Lens
HP: 59%
Energy: 65%
Condition: Glad to be out of the rock-prison (-2 SPD)
Air Slash (Cover) ~ Steel Wing (Cover)

Dark Moonlight

[Afro Circus] Boufallant (M)
Ability: Reckless
HP: 70%
Energy: 50%
Condition: A little worried, mainly wanting some more action (TXC@1)
Rock Tomb ~ Rock Slide


The wind whipped around Afro Circus, who snorted and ignored it. It did, after all, have no effect on him. Slamming his hooves into the rooftop again, rocks formed in the air around him. Flicking a horn, he sent them swirling around his opponent, ready to let them rip into the Yanmega.
[Afro Circus -5% Energy]
(Off Balance Roll was 35/100, no effect)

Zan eyed the swirling rocks, feeling the wind buffet him but giving nothing to it. Rather, he pulled the wind around his glittering wings, before launching them at the mass of rocks that threatened to get him. The attack sliced clean through the attack, but the very weakened remnant smacked Afro Circus. It was so small, however, that he didn't really even feel it.
[Zan -6% Energy | Afro Circus -1% HP; -1 EV for both this action only]
(Off Balance Roll was 41/100, no effect)
(Rolled 4/10. No Flinch.)

Afro Circus was annoyed at this turn of events. Not only had his attack FAILED, but he'd received a light smack himself. How troublesome! Stomping on the ground again, more rocks materialized, although these were decidedly more vicious looking. They were launched in an arc to rain down upon the bug, aiming for a hit.
[Afro Circus -8% Energy]
(Off Balance Roll was 46/100, no effect)

Zan eyed the attack, wing gathering energy and sharpening to a lethal, deadly sheen. Fluttering up, he whirled quickly in a circle, striking each rock that came at him to pieces. When the attack was done, Zan was exhausted from the energy use and had none to spare for an actual attack. Still, the bug appeared to be unharmed...much to the buffalo's annoyance.
[Zan -6% Energy| No damage dealt, -1 EV for both this action only]
(Off Balance Roll was 96/100, no effect)
(Rolled 10/10. No effect.)

Afro Circus was thoroughly enraged, but stumbled slightly as it felt more fire rage across its face and insides. This illness was beginning to wear it down, and that wasn't good...
[Afro Circus -6% HP to Toxic)



[Zan] Yanmega (M)
Ability: Tinted Lens
HP: 59%
Energy: 53%
Condition: Well that was easy. (-2 SPD)

Dark Moonlight

[Afro Circus] Boufallant (M)
Ability: Reckless
HP: 63%
Energy: 37%
Condition: Annoying gnat! (TXC@2)

Ref Notes
Zen < 150 lbs, 10% chance to get knocked off balance, (1-10)/100
Afro Circus > 150 lbs < 500 lbs, 5% chance to get knocked off balance (1-5)/100

Air Slash BP is 75, Rock Tomb BP is 50. Difference is 25, cover is successful, 5 BP leftover for actual attack. No critical for both attacks.

Steel Wing BP is 70, Rock Slide BP is 75. 5 BP difference, which is less than the maximum 20 difference for a cover. Cover is successful, no damage dealt. No critical for either attack.

Interestingly, Rock Slide did roll for a flinch, but since the attack was successfully covered, the effect could not activate.

Dino, your moves, please. (Apologies for the long wait!)