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Default Re: Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop

I guess from experience I need to highlight that this is what all you guys should pay attention to for my needs/wants;

Name of the pokemon: (If the pokemon is nicknamed please also put it here) - Shiny Magneton
Level:(UT to me includes a pokemon Evolved by level up to it's Evolved level) - current level 41
UT: (From Gen 4 or where ever u got it from that u have Trainer Name that differs from Gen 5 but it is in Gen 5) - Yes
Generation Captured on: (Number and Game name) - captured on Pokemon Plantinum Generation 4 Route/Building/Area Captured: (Number/Name of Building/Area Name or Number) - route 222 transfer to Generation 5 Pokemon (Game colour)
Evs: (If any) - n/a
Ivs: (If any) - n/a
Item Held: (If any) - n/a

that is an example on how to fill out the form if u feel u need to add method getting the shiny pokemon please do more information on method the better to prove it's legginess.

Spare Cloned Pokemon;

Dream World Female Dratini - Brave
Dream World Female Horsea - Calm
Dream World Female Bagon - Jolly
Shiny Sceptile - Clam
Shiny Scrafty - Hasty From Asmoday
Shiny Arbok - Adamant From Evan0913
Movie 13 Celebi - Hardy same as WIN2011 Celebi
Movie 12 Japanese Meloetta - Adamant From amoriandis

Pokemon I am still looking for that are legit at this point in time;

Shiny Magneton
Shiny Donphon
Shiny Ariados
Shiny Onix
Shiny Magikarp
Pokemon League - Nimbasa Season Draognite

But anything I have on my Haves list is tradable but I want to get a clone for them first for keeping in my collection.

Everyone who won't get gen 6 has til October to get a deal done for any of my pokemon I got cause if all goes to plan I will have them transferred onto Gen 6 by early November at the latest.

White 2 FC: 2194 5450 5527

Name: Reshiram
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