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Default Re: Storyline Link Between Mewtwo & Black Kyurem / White Kyurem

How is this news to you?

It's blatantly obvious that Mewtwo was spliced between Mew and human DNA.

Reasoning behind this:
Aside from the obvious, he doesn't look one bit like Mew aside from some minor features.
Team Rocket's scientists did plenty of cloning experiments and with the exception of some distinct markings in Mewtwo's mass-produced instant clones, all of the other clones look identical to the originals.
THERE'S EVEN AN ATTEMPTED HUMAN CLONE. But considering that AmberTwo (I don't know or care about the JPN name) didn't even survive along with the rest, the AmberTwo clone was projecting its consciousness to Mewtwo along with the other attempted clones while they were all at a premature fetal stage.
The point is that they all look like the originals. Mewtwo is the only exception. He is a mix of something and Mew which establishes a further increase in intellect and actual capabilities in speech and communication despite that communication just being telepathic in nature.
Mewtwo actually even considers himself a "trainer" of sorts in the first movie before he promotes himself to just being a plain old guardian of justice.

There's also the possibility that Arceus created humans as well so we are all just Pokemon. If we had a typing, we'd be Normal/Psychic but that's beyond the point.

Genetic manipulation and unethical experimentation didn't just end with Mewtwo. We have Genesect which was at one point a newly resurrected Kabutops, mangled and augmented with cybernetics and technology.

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