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Default Re: Heroes: The Next Generation (RP) PG-13

Ashley and Jeremy
New York City

“What’s wrong?” Ichiru asked Kiseki as Ashley looked over towards the twins, though Jeremy’s attention remained on Ashley’s finger.

“When we were in the headquarters earlier, didn’t Alex say something about his sister?” Kiseki asked.

“Wait, his sister was the one you went after before, right?”

“Yeah.” Kiseki nodded. “I was thinking just now… it’s been broadcasted on the news that her father is looking for her… and her father is the head of The Company - which means that she’s been running from The Company all this time. Wouldn’t that make her one of the ‘good guys’?” Kiseki suggested.

“When you look at it that way, I guess it would.” Ichiru responded. “Although it’s not like we would have considered that before now…”

“I saw Alex when I was following her… He shot her twice in an alley before I arrived. I was going to heal her, but another guy appeared… the one I told you about earlier.” Jeremy’s attention quickly shifted to the twins from Kiseki’s words.

“The one who can control both fire and water.” Ichiru confirmed, to which Kiseki nodded.

“Alex said earlier that he knew where she lived and that he’s going to ‘pay her a visit’ in a few days. I think she may be in danger.”

“But.. If we don’t know where she is, there’s not much we can do…” Ichiru pointed out.

“I got her address from the school registry earlier.” Jeremy shifted his attention to lock eyes with his sister from Kiseki’s statement. “I wrote it down on a notepad… but it’s back at our apartment.”

“And there’s where the problem comes in…” Ichiru muttered. “We do need to go back to get some things, but we can’t stay there for too long, because The Company is guaranteed to send someone to our apartment.”

“Maybe we could go separately?” Kiseki asked.

“There’s no way you’re going anywhere alone.” Kiseki pouted at Ichiru’s response, which made the older twin chuckle. “None of us need to be alone, actually…” Ichiru then shifted his attention to Ashley and Jeremy. “Would you mind if we went back to our apartment for a few minutes to get clothes and such?”

“Yeah that’s fine. You can just walk in the apartment when you come back.” Ashley responded as Jeremy focused back on his sister’s finger. “Make sure to hurry back thou- Ow! Jeremy!”

“Sorry!” Jeremy quickly responded. “You know I have to stick the needle deep in order to make good stitches.” Ashley sighed, a low growl escaping her throat as Jeremy snapped his fingers which turned on the television in the living room. “Just focus on the TV.”

“Easier said than done.” Ashley grumbled. Her focus fell on a news report however, revealing that the city was now calling in the National Guard for extra strict security. All schools would be opened next week, though the security for each school would become strict as well, bringing Ashley to sigh in frustration as she focused her attention back on her finger.

New York City

"Truth is, when I was twelve, I was abducted and held as a hostage for ransom." Ella explained to Caroline. "I was taken to a building and was guarded by four armed men. I read their minds and found the one with the most to lose. He had a wife and two children. I made him see the other three men as police officers so he shot them dead, then changed the bodies into those of his family. He was convinced he killed them and eventually killed himself. I walked out of the building, and told the police the argued about who got what money."

Caroline looked down, Ella’s story fully sinking in.

"Blaise will kill me for saying this, but..." Caroline looked back up at Ella when the other girl spoke again. "Blaise told you that he acts like a body guard to people with powers, correct?"

Caroline nodded.

"Based on his thoughts in the car, you were special to him. I don't know why, but when he is protecting other people, he never gets attached." Ella said, confusion washing over Caroline as she silently ate her pizza. "You on the other hand. He was wouldn't rest until he knew you were safe. He doesn't know this, but when I ran into the car, that wasn't the first time I'd seen him. The day before I saw him run away from a cemetery and read his mind. He was visiting Abbee's grave, and was approached by a shapeshifter with Abbee's appearance. He let his guard down and almost got killed. Truth be told, I think he enjoyed the kiss as fake as it was, and felt guilty for it. "

Caroline’s jaw dropped in shock when she was finished with her pizza.

"I wasn't able to confirm that, since I wasn't reading his mind at the time, however if one of us says something that will trigger the memory, and I can find out for sure." Ella added. "If you want to know, I can invite him over tomorrow and find out."

Caroline gave a nod as Ella yawned.

"What do you say?" Ella asked while rubbing her eyes.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” Caroline nodded, the blonde extremely curious. “I can see that you’re tired, and I’m really tired too so I’m gonna go sleep. Thank you for letting me stay here. I’m extremely grateful for that.” Caroline slowly stood up and made her way towards Ella’s room, the blonde carefully laying down on the bed and closing her eyes. All she thought about was the situation with Blaise until the curly blonde fell asleep.
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